Super Dimentio

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Super Paper Mario enemy
Super Dimentio
Super Dimentio
Location(s) Castle Bleck Inner Sanctum (8-4)
Max HP 200
Attack 6
Defense 0 (head), 4 (body)
Score 9990
Card type Rare
Card location(s) Card Shop; Map 47
Card description
This monstrous clown was created by Dimentio. He used Luigi and the Chaos Heart to create it. In the end, it was no match for the power of love.
That’s Super Dimentio, a freakish blend of Dimentio, the Chaos Heart, and Luigi... That monstrous body has immense power... Max HP is 200. Attack is 6. Concentrate attacks to the head. You’ll have to climb those platforms to reach the head to attack. This is truly the final battle... Winning is the only option...
List of Catch Cards
195           196           197
“And now it is time for the destruction to begin... Let it begin with you as you wallow in helplessness like upside-down turtles! L-POWER!”
Super Dimentio, Super Paper Mario

Super Dimentio (also referred to as Mr. L/Dimentio by the Super Paper Mario Player's Guide[1]) is a gargantuan clown-like puppet monster that serves as the final boss of Super Paper Mario. It was created through a fusion of Mr. L (after Luigi was brainwashed again), Dimentio, and the Chaos Heart. According to the InterNed, the battle theme of Super Dimentio is called "The Ultimate Show," and is composed of Dimentio, Mr. L and the Chaos Heart's themes remixed together, though a majority of the theme's motifs are from Dimentio's theme.


Super Paper Mario[edit]

Artwork of Super Dimentio, the final boss of Super Paper Mario.
Artwork of Super Dimentio

Super Dimentio was born shortly after Dimentio assumed control of the Chaos Heart, which he obtained following the defeat of Count Bleck. It was stated in the Dark Prognosticus that Luigi is the ideal host for the Chaos Heart's power, so before the final battle, Dimentio placed the seed of a mind-controlling Floro Sprout in Luigi's head and activates it when he seizes the Chaos Heart, causing Luigi to revert to Mr. L and combine with the Chaos Heart to create a giant puppet. Dimentio then enters the concoction through its mouth, adding his power to the mix and creating the fully-realized Super Dimentio.

Super Dimentio right after being created.

Super Dimentio harvested the power of the Chaos Heart, rendering him impervious to any of Mario's, Princess Peach's or Bowser's attacks and thus putting into motion the destruction of all worlds. This is similar to the final bosses of two previous Paper Mario games: Both Bowser and the Shadow Queen's final form were initially invincible when faced in Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, respectively. Earlier in Super Paper Mario, Bleck also started off the battle as being untouchable.

While the three heroes tried to fight it, in Dimension D, where Dimentio had imprisoned Count Bleck, Tippi and Nastasia, Bleck and his minions expressed feelings of hope and love, restoring the Pure Hearts. The Pure Hearts were then used upon Super Dimentio to weaken the power of the Chaos Heart, nullifying his invincibility and starting the real final battle. Unfortunately, before this, Flopside, Yold Town and the Land of the Cragnons were engulfed by The Void. Super Dimentio has many attacks, including smashing his hexagonal appendages on the ground, activating a homing blast, followed by a super jump and smash onto the ground. Super Dimentio was finally defeated in a magnificent explosion, releasing Luigi and the Chaos Heart from his control and leaving Dimentio dying. However, Dimentio leaves one last portion of his power behind to control the Chaos Heart and ensure that all of existence will die with him and explodes, still smiling. His final ploy ends in failure when Count Bleck and Tippi use the power of their love and the Pure Hearts to destroy the Chaos Heart, causing the Void to disappear and the destroyed worlds to be restored.

Super Mario-kun[edit]

Super Dimentio in Super Mario-kun
Super Dimentio in the Super Mario-kun comic

Super Dimentio also appears in the Super Mario-kun manga's Super Paper Mario storyline, where he fills the same role as in the original game but with some differences.

With Bleck, Nastasia, and Dimentio being the only one left of the team, Bleck and Dimentio face off against Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser and Tippi. Dimentio's only attack is to create a portal that tries to suck the four heroes in, but only Luigi falls into it. The portal is later revealed to lead to Dimension D. Dimentio sneakily steals the Chaos Heart and then reaches Luigi in his dimension and manages to fuse together. Meanwhile, Tippi is hit with one of Bleck's spell, and the Pixl's lost memory finally comes afloat. While Bleck promises to undo his plan, Super Dimentio appears right on top of him, squashing him (much to Tippi's despair). After briefly explaining to Mario what he has done, Super Dimentio attacks Mario, Bowser, and Peach, but the three resist each of his devastating blows and, full of hope and tenacity, they activate the Pure Hearts, which gives them the power of the Mega Star. Against three Mega heroes, Super Dimentio is defeated and disappears, leaving behind only an unconscious Luigi, signifying the Chaos Heart's (and the Void's) disappearance with Dimentio.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Super Dimentio's Pal Pill-like attack
Super Dimentio's Pal Pill-like attack

Super Dimentio has physical (as opposed to Dimentio's magical) abilities in the game, which include a giant punch to the ground, jumping, and (when its health is low) sliding along the ground from one end of the arena to the other. Other abilities are based on Luigi's, including his signature super jump. He also possesses an ability similar to the Pal Pill item, in that, should he be provoked by guarding techniques, Super Dimentio will create several grunts in the form of 8-bit Luigis. They run and jump in the direction the player was when they were summoned, although they are incredibly weak enemies that die if they hit anything, including the walls surrounding the arena.

The platforms around the arena gain a demonic grin reminiscent of Dimentio and move horizontally, in order to make jumping on Super Dimentio's head more difficult (though this can be used advantageously). Each platform can help Super Dimentio by shooting a flashing square projectile and, when signaled by Super Dimentio, a select few will fire at Mario one after the other (the projectile will be identified by a crosshair that appears where Mario was at the time). Flipping to 3D makes avoiding them easier and also makes the ones fired prior to flipping completely harmless.


Despite Super Dimentio being the final boss, Shadoo (with the heroes' dark clones' HP added altogether) is stronger than Super Dimentio; additionally, Brobot has higher health and has the same defense as Super Dimentio on the body. The Dark Muth also has higher HP and attack power, although Super Dimentio has significantly higher defense on the body and was even invincible at the start of the battle. Once he can be damaged, there are ways to avoid an arduous battle, such as using Slim to hide from attacks, or simply jumping onto Super Dimentio's shoulders when he extends his neck and remain there, safe from most attacks and persistently jumping with good timing until he is defeated.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーディメーン
Sūpā Dimēn
Super Dimentio
French Super Dimensio Super Dimentio
German Super-Dimenzio Super Dimentio
Italian Super Dimensio Super Dimentio
Korean 큐비디멘
Syupeo Dimen
Super Dimentio
Spanish Super Dimencio Super Dimentio


  • Before Dimentio combines himself with Super Dimentio, the puppet is controlled by the brainwashed, zombie-like Luigi and speaks in simple sentences (more specifically, "GREEEEEEEEEN!" immediately after the construct was created). Afterwards, it appears to have Dimentio's consciousness and speaks like him, including after Luigi is ejected from its mouth when the battle is won. However, even when Dimentio is inside, it has some Mr. L-esque phrases, most notably "L-POWER!"
  • Super Dimentio is referenced in Dimentio's spirit battle in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by including a giant Luigi as backup (with Meta Knight representing Dimentio).
  • Super Dimentio's stance resembles Mario or Luigi's idle stance from Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.


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