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Vic talking to Mario
“Why am I still here? Well, I figured out the secret of life, that's why. If you're gonna spend your life workin' anyway, does it really matter where you are?”
Vic, Super Paper Mario

Vic is a captive held by Mimi in Merlee's Mansion during Chapter 2-3 in Super Paper Mario. He is seen in the leftmost room on the third floor, along with Cade, Cap and Stock. He works hard but can't earn enough Rubees to pay off his debt and is not sure if he can get out of the mansion. However, after Mimi explodes and the debt is gone, he temporarily stays because he "figured out the secret of life", namely that the working place doesn't matter as long as one's life is spent working. He is no longer seen after the chapter is cleared.


  • "That's Vic... This guy is another one of the captives... He's working to earn Rubees... I bet he's even forgotten which charm he came here for in the first place..."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワレー
Both this and Conn's Japanese name「トラー」(Torā) are derived from「捕らわれ」(toraware, captive).