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“E-Evil brahs! You take Gabbro. Gabbro give up... But her... Do not hurt Pixl!”
Gabbro, Super Paper Mario
NPC Gabbro from Land of the Cragnons in Super Paper Mario
Gabbro with Dottie in Super Paper Mario

Gabbro is a Cragnon living in the Land of the Cragnons during Super Paper Mario. He shares his name with "gabbro", a type of igneous rock. He is a big fan of Flint Cragley.

He is one of the few Cragnons to avoid brainwashing and enslavement by King Croacus IV. Though Gabbro was captured and brought to the Floro Caverns, with the help of Dottie the Pixl, he was able to hide from the Floro Sapiens.

Mario and co. eventually obtain the key to the room where Gabbro and Dottie are hiding. In shock, Gabbro believes them to be agents of King Croacus, but Dottie convinces him otherwise. She then tells him that she cannot stay with him and must join the heroes. With that, she shrinks him, allowing him to escape the caverns. He can be heard crying as he leaves. It is assumed that he returned to Downtown of Crag, but he is not seen for the remainder of the game.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Gabbro
Italian Diaspro
Spanish Gabro
Similar to English name