Yold Desert

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Yold Desert
Yold Desert
Level code 1-3
Game Super Paper Mario
Boss O'Chunks
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Yold Desert is an area in the outskirts of Lineland from Super Paper Mario. Throughout the desert, there are clues that the Ancients left on signposts on how to advance and reach Yold Ruins.

Chapter 1-3: The Sands of Yold[edit]

Storyline text

With a bold quiver of his magnificent mustache, Mario let loose a hearty sneeze.

A single grain of sand had flown along the warm wind and tickled the hero's nose.

It wasn't long before Mario and Tippi found the source of the sand: the Yold Desert.

Along the endless, sunbaked expanse, Mario and Tippi continued their search...

Mario comes to this area after exiting Yold Town. The first area has a rock, four Squiglets, and one Squig. A Squig Catch Card can be found in 3D behind a rock. There are four ? Blocks in this area, but in 3-D, there are twelve, as well as a Squiglet on them. Most of the ? Blocks contain Coins, but some of them also contain Pal Pills, a Happy Flower, and a Speed Flower. The next area has three Squiglets and two ? Blocks (four in 3-D). One contains a Mushroom, and the other contains a Zombie Shroom. Nearby is a red palm tree. Next to the red palm is a rock, a 3-D Bald Cleft, and some Quicksand. Near the quicksand are three Bald Clefts, two 3-D Squiglets, six Brick Blocks, and two ? Blocks, one of them containing a Mushroom. Next is a rock next to a pile of quicksand. Six Brick Blocks appear above the Quicksand, with a Boomboxer on one of the blocks.

A Jawbus and a 3-D Bald Cleft are at the end of this area. There is also a door at the end of this area.The second area starts off with a rock and a Bald Cleft. some Quicksand appears afterwards, along with a Cherbil and two 3-D Bald Clefts. There is one big rock, which in 3D is an arrow pointing right to a hidden path. The path leads to a large area, empty except for a pillar called a "Yold Signpost." The inscription on it reads "Find ye the tall red palm tree of fortune, and leapeth under its branches ten times," indicating the palm tree in the first area. If the player decides to continue on, however, two Goombas with the ability to flip will appear next to the rock. A large wall made of Hard Blocks forces the player to flip to continue on. Three Goombas are on the other side of the wall, along with three Quicksand pits with four Bald Clefts (two 2D and two 3D) and a Boomboxer at the end of the area. Going back to the first area and following the signpost's instructions causes a door to appear.

Mario confronting O'Chunks

The next area has a Squig and some blocks in the air that can only be reached by the use of a Springboard with flipping rectangles that can ferry Mario across a pit of quicksand and over a wall. Beyond the wall is a Squig, a Squiglet and some blocks, one of which holds a Zombie Shroom. There is a large pit of quicksand that is crossed by a bridge in 3D. Here, there are two Spiked Goombas some more flipping rectangles, but they are frozen. There is a switch boxed up by blocks, except for one opening, which can be used to get Thoreau in and hit the switch to activate the rectangles. This next area has six Squiglets on the wall when in 3-D, one Squiglet on the ground and one Squig, one 3-D Spiked Goomba, a door, a Save Block, and several blocks in the air leading to a Warp Pipe. The pipe leads to an underground room full of blocks, most with coins, but one with a Super Shroom.

The entrance to Yold Ruins.

Through the door, Mario and the Pixls find O'Chunks, who challenges Mario to a fight. Tippi recommends Tattling him with her ability and discovers that being thrown makes him dizzy, providing an easy method of defeating O'Chunks. After dispatching him, Mario is able to continue through the desert.

In the next area, there are four Goombas with flip abilities, one 3-D Goomba, two Ice Cherbils (one 2D and one 3D), and two sets of moving platforms in the air, each leading to a door. There is also a Ghost Shroom behind a rock. The left door leads to another Yold Signpost. This one tells of a blue platform that Mario must stand on and press the One Button and Minus Button buttons. Doing so opens the entrance to Yold Ruins.


Menu description[edit]

  • "A dry wind rolls across this hot, sandpit-riddled desert. Count Bleck's henchman, O'Chunks, attacked you here. Somewhere in the desert is an entrance to the Yold Ruins."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コダーイさばく
Kodāi Sabaku
From elongated version of「古代」(kodai, ancient) and「さばく」(sabaku, desert)
French Désert d'Antan Old Desert
German Uraltwüste Old Desert
Italian L'Antico Deserto Old Desert
Spanish Desierto Antico Yold Desert, Antico is a pun of Antiguo (old)
The Sands of Yold
Language Name Meaning
Japanese しゃくねつのさばくをとっぱせよ!
Shakunetsu no Sabaku o Toppase yo!
Break Through the Scorching-Hot Desert!
French Les sables d'antan The sands of yesteryear
Italian Le sabbie antiche The old sands