Happy Flower (Super Paper Mario)

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This article is about the item from Super Paper Mario. For the badge from previous Paper Mario games, see Happy Flower (badge).
“This is a Happy Flower! For a little while, flowers with coins will rain down!”
In-game text, Super Paper Mario
A Happy Flower from Super Paper Mario.
Happy Flower
Coins falling after the Happy Flower is collected

A Happy Flower is an item that is found in Super Paper Mario. When collected, flowers with coins attached to them will slowly rain from the sky for a limited time. Some have small, regular coins, while other have much larger coins that are worth three times as much.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハッピーフラワー
Happī Furawā
Happy Flower

French Fleur bonheur
Happy flower
German Blumensegen
lit. Flower blessing
Italian Fiore Felicità
Happiness Flower
Korean 해피플라워
Haepi Peullawo
Happy Flower

Spanish Flor feliz
Happy Flower