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Artwork of Bloomsday from Wario Land: Shake It!
Species Flower
First appearance Wario Land: Shake It! (2008)
“Bloomsday welcomes you! Come closer and be blown away!”
Bloomsday, Wario Land: Shake It!

Bloomsday (known as Scumflower in the British English localization) is the fourth boss of Wario Land: Shake It! It can be fought in the boss level of Jiggle Jungle known as Bloomsday Blowout (Scumflower Skirmish in the British English localization). It is a giant potted plant that uses its petals as a powerful fan to inhale a large amount of air and release it as powerful strong wind.

The American name "Bloomsday" comes from "doomsday", another word for "Armageddon", and "bloom", a word commonly used to describe a flower growing. The British name "Scumflower" is a play on "sunflower" and "scum".


The boss battle takes place atop a log in the middle of a lake. Bloomsday will attempt to blow Wario to the edge of the log where a Venus Guytrap waits to attack him. It can also spit out Bumbleprods, Flipstings or Bandineros, which Wario can use to throw at Bloomsday's face, temporarily stunning it. While it is stunned, Wario must Dash Attack the pot, pushing it closer to edge of the log. Bloomsday responds to attacks by summoning a wave of thorny vines from the ground.

It will continue to repeat these moves until it has been attacked at least two or three times, at which point it will change strategies. It will stomp the ground, causing a large, thorny vine to sprout in front of it, guarding its face. Wario must wait for a second stomp to remove the vine before he can throw another enemy.

After a few more hits, Bloomsday will stomp to create two large, metallic vines on either side of the platform and trap Wario between them. This one can stun Wario if he does not jump right before it hits. Bloomsday will then spit out a Boomdinero and two Bumbleprods to litter the field. Wario must grab the Boomdinero, remove its armor (to revert it back into a standard Bandinero), and wait for an opening. Bloomsday will try to suck and blow Wario into the Brumbleprods and thorns forcing him to let go of the Bandinero. If Wario manages to resist the attack and dodge the hazards, Bloomsday will stomp again to remove the thorny vines. This gives Wario a chance to throw the Bandinero and attack Bloomsday. Once Wario does this twice he will push Bloomsday off the log, earning his fourth boss emblem.


  • Defeat the boss without taking any damage.
  • Defeat the boss within a set time limit.
  • Defeat five Bumbleprods before defeating Bloomsday.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フランティ
Possibly a pun on「フラワー」(furawā, flower) and「プラント」(puranto, plant), with diminutive suffix "-y"
French Tournevent Portmanteau of "tournesol" (sunflower) and "vent" (wind)
German Miefwurz Portmanteau of "mief" (stink) and "nieswurz" (hellebore)
Italian Tormentilla Pun on "tormentilla" (common tormentil) and "tormentare" (to torment)
Korean 프란티


  • Bloomsday's artwork shows it holding a rock, which it never uses in-game.
  • In the game's files, there are unused palettes for Bloomsday, along with a Venus Guytrap seed.