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The Pirate Shop.

The Pirate Shop, initially titled Room on the Sweet Stuff, is a shop in Wario Land: Shake It! It is run by Captain Syrup on the Sweet Stuff and is where Wario can purchase a number of items to help him get through his quest. The player can purchase one Heart Vessel after each boss battle (there are only five of them) and the Ending Movie is not available for purchase until the Shake King is defeated.


Name of Item Cost Description
Area Map #1 1,000 coins I hear the remains of an ancient culture rest here. Feeling brave, handsome?
Area Map #2 50,000 coins The plains here stretch as far as you can see. Care to take a look-see?
Area Map #3 100,000 coins Beyond the train tracks lies a city of gold ... and neon.
Area Map #4 150,000 coins This is a strange land filled with deep forests and floating castles in the sky.
Area Map #5 200,000 coins Beyond these mountains lies an eerie castle, at the very edge of the world.


Cost 100,000 coins each

  • Opening Movie
  • Ending Movie


Name of Item Cost Description
Recovery Potion (1) 20,000 coins Restores your health when you run out of hearts.
Recovery Potion (2) 100,000 coins Restores your health when you run out of hearts.
Heart Vessel 1,000 coins (each) Extends your life meter by one. Nothing can stop you now!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かいぞくせんのへやで
Kaizokusen no heya de
Shiroppu Shoppu
Room in the Pirate Ship

Syrup Shop
German Piratenbudike Pirate Shop
Italian Stiva dell'Acquadolce
Emporio del Pirata
The Sweet Stuff's hull
Pirate's Emporium