Ropey Jungle

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Ropey Jungle
Ropey Jungle.png
Level code 4-1
Game Wario Land: Shake It!
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Ropey Jungle is the first level of Jiggle Jungle in Wario Land: Shake It!


As the level's name says, Ropey Jungle has many ropes and vines in which the player can climb on to get over rivers and obstacles around the jungle. Another part of the level is around many Venus Guytraps that can trap Wario if he stands on them too long. Fortunately, Wario can jump on them to reach higher areas and get treasure. Later in the level, the player will come up to even more ropes to climb on, including ones that Wario can slide place-to-place on. In this area, there will also be purple Venus Guytraps that can catch Wario the instant Wario stands on them. The player can also use these to reach higher ledges and get to the caged Merfle. When freeing the Merfle, an alarm will go off and Wario will need to run to the end of the level before the clock hits zero.


  • Finish before the clock hits 1:45:00
  • Collect 50,000 coins
  • Don't defeat any enemies



Chest location Treasure Image NTSC-U description PAL description
The first treasure chest in Ropey Jungle Piranha Dentures WLSItreasure58.png Sturdily made dentures that can bite through the hardest of peanut brittles. Sturdily-made dentures that can bite through the hardest of gobstoppers.
The second treasure chest in Ropey Jungle Pied Piper's Pupil WLSItreasure59.png This rat learned from the best, and no one can resist his song.
The third treasure chest in Ropey Jungle Eye of the Storm WLSItreasure60.png Tired of the rain? Just poke this treasure right in the eye, and it's nothing but blue skies. Tired of the rain? With this in your hand, you'll always have blue skies!


  • Given time: 2:30:00
  • Sum of coins: 52,310

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワイルドジャングル
Wairudo janguru
Wild Jungle

German Rankenwald
Italian Lianogiungla