Quiver Cliffs

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Quiver Cliffs
Greater location Shake Dimension
Ruler Large Fry
Inhabitants Bandinero (and variations), Pengoon, Jellopus, Mummer, Recapitator, Peek-a-boom, Shortfuse
First appearance Wario Land: Shake It!

Quiver Cliffs is the fifth and last continent of the Shake Dimension, appearing in Wario Land: Shake It!

As traced from its map, Quiver Cliffs may be inspired by Eurasia, with an icy northern range, Chinese-themed mountains with a palace in the west, and a spooky Romanian vampire mansion to the east. In the center is a whirlpool and to the south is a ship that Wario never visits, instead exploring its underwater surroundings with his Subwarine during one of the levels. While Queen Merelda was kidnapped and put in a cage, Large Fry switched her role and became ruler of this continent, residing in the kitchen of the haunted manor.