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Shake Pillars[1] are obstacles in Wario Land: Shake It!, appearing in almost every level (excluding boss levels and Subwarine levels). They are designed to block Wario's progress through the stage, only moving if the player executes an Earthshake Punch or Super Smash Attack. After activating, it will slide up or down to a new position for a few seconds, then return to its original position. Standing on one will also lift the player when it rises, often allowing access to new areas or secrets.

The size and movement of each Shake Pillar varies, though they all work otherwise identically to each other. The designs of the pillars are unique between levels and even between others within a single level, but they are always marked with an exclamation mark (!) to indicate the player can move them with the Earthshake Punch. Additionally, they can crush enemies and certain objects to destroy them, but only squash Wario without harming him.

In Whoopsy Desert and Disturbing Tomb, there are pyramid-shaped Shake Pillars with hollow centres. Raising them allows Wario access to the inner room where there are typically coin bags or a Max Fastosity Dasherator.


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