Gate (enemy)

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The gate in Wavy Waters

Gates[1] act as mini bosses in Wario Land: Shake It!. They are typically found at the end of each of the three Subwarine levels, guarding a Merfle Barrel. Around each gate, there are cohorts of enemies that spawn continuously to attack the Subwarine. Gates have one or three red cores that are periodically covered with a hatch; to destroy a gate and proceed to the Merfle Barrel, Wario must repeatedly hit and break down all of its cores using missiles.

Located at the end of Wavy Waters, the first gate has only one core which moves up and down. It is protected by gray Tub-subs and green Plungers.

Another gate appears in Windbreak Bay, again located at the end of the stage. This version has three cores which also move up and down. Purple Plungers appear around the gate, and underwater fans push the Subwarine vertically.

Creep Blue Sea contains two gates. The first is encountered midway through the level and is identical to the one in Wavy Waters; it has gray Tub-subs and purple Plungers protecting it. The second gate, located at the end, has three stationary cores that Wario must destroy with missiles to progress, with spikes covering the floor and ceiling, and fans pushing the Subwarine towards them.



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