Earthshake Punch

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Wario uses the Earthshake Punch in Wario Land: Shake It!
Wario doing an Earthshake Punch

The Earthshake Punch[1] (or Ground Punch[2]) is a special move Wario can perform in Wario Land: Shake It! when the Shake Meter is full. The player must shake the Wii Remote to use this special move. It causes Wario to punch the ground hard enough to release a shockwave that will stun enemies on the ground, cause unsteady blocks to fall, or activate Shake Pillars. After use, the Shake Meter will empty and the player will have to wait until it refills to use this special move again.

The Shake King uses a similar move in his battle with Wario. However, he pounds the ground with both fists instead of punching it. The resulting shockwave will leave Wario stunned and defenseless unless it is jumped over.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 地面パンチ[3]
Jimen Panchi
Ground Punch
Italian Pugno sismico Seismic punch


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