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This is a list of treasures in Wario Land: Shake It!
Please note that names and descriptions of treasures are taken from the NTSC-U version of the game. Names and descriptions may differ between the NTSC-U and PAL versions.

The Sweet Stuff[edit]

Treasure Image Level Description
Merfle Syrup WLSItreasure1.png Aboard the Sweet Stuff Thick, sweet syrup made by Merfles with love (and a zesty blend of eleven herbs).
Six-Week-Old Curry WLSItreasure2.png Aboard the Sweet Stuff The pirate galley cook recommends curry be aged properly before eating.
Fickle Compass WLSItreasure3.png Aboard the Sweet Stuff This compass points north. Or whatever other direction takes its fancy.

Ratl Ruins[edit]

Treasure Image Level Description
Stone Coin WLSItreasure4.png Stonecarving City A coin made of solid rock. Very heavy, but reputable misers report that it is hard to steal.
Full-Body Goggles WLSItreasure5.png Stonecarving City Ordinary goggles only protect the eyes. Ordinary goggles are for chumps.
Crystal Skull WLSItreasure6.png Stonecarving City ...From a
Cheese Pyramid WLSItreasure7.png Whoopsy Desert Supposedly, this is how the great mouse rulers of the past are entombed.
Liquid Giggles WLSItreasure8.png Whoopsy Desert It turns out you can bottle laughter. Who knew?
Ancient Digital Watch WLSItreasure9.png Whoopsy Desert Hard to read and too bulky to wear on your wrist, but at least its battery never runs out.
Recyclable Bottle WLSItreasure10.png Foulwater Falls This bottle can be returned to the store to get your deposit back.
Silver Armor WLSItreasure11.png Foulwater Falls Armor forged of pure silver. Stylish? You bet. Practical? Not in the slightest.
The Key to My Heart WLSItreasure12.png Foulwater Falls Opens the heart of that special someone. Be your own Cupid!
One Heavy Spear WLSItreasure13.png Run-Down Pyramid This would probably hurt a lot if you got hit with it. But you'll have to lift it first.
Moonstone WLSItreasure14.png Run-Down Pyramid This rock probably came from the moon. I mean...just look at it!
Manly Moai WLSItreasure15.png Run-Down Pyramid It's hard to compete with the manliness of a guy made completely of stone.
Instant Tutanramen WLSItreasure16.png Disturbing Tomb It's been 3,000 years since someone poured in the hot water. The noodles may be a bit soggy.
Golden Tissues WLSItreasure17.png Disturbing Tomb You don't know what luxury is until you blow your nose on a piece of 24K gold.
Oasis in a Teapot WLSItreasure18.png Disturbing Tomb This amazing teapot never runs out of water. You'll have to supply your own tea, though.
Imperial Boxers WLSItreasure19.png Gurgle Gulch Originally belonged to a gullible and naked emperor. Check out those regal polka dots!
Wario's Dustcloth WLSItreasure20.png Gurgle Gulch Wario's embroidered dustcloth. Who put this in a treasure chest?
Something Important WLSItreasure21.png Gurgle Gulch Somebody said that this is really important or something. What's the big deal?

Wiggly Wilds[edit]

Treasure Image Level Description
Baobab Wood Pacifier WLSItreasure22.png Just Plains Pacifier fashioned from the wood of a rare tree. Preferred by 9 out of 10 babies.
Empty Piggy Bank WLSItreasure23.png Just Plains Worthless now, but fill it with coins and BAM! Instant treasure!
Stuffed Wildebeest WLSItreasure24.png Just Plains How does it manage to look both cute AND threatening?
Peach Sandals WLSItreasure25.png Wavy Waters Sandals previously worn by a princess. They smell good. Suspiciously good.
Turtleskin Hat WLSItreasure26.png Wavy Waters This attractive and durable hat offers complete protection from falling acorns.
Mermaid Scale WLSItreasure27.png Wavy Waters A single scale from a mythical mermaid. One more and you can make some earrings!
Bangin'-Together Rocks WLSItreasure28.png Mt. Lava Lava Rocks that you can bang together for noisy fun. You might even make a spark!
Combustible Top WLSItreasure29.png Mt. Lava Lava Spins so fast that it sets itself on fire! Sadly, you can only play with it the one time.
Fantabulous Fan WLSItreasure30.png Mt. Lava Lava A single wave of this fan keeps Wario cool for hours, even on his sweatiest of days.
Hypno-Specs WLSItreasure31.png Savannah Valley Hypnotize your friends! Hypnotize your enemies! Basically, just hypnotize everybody!
Diamond Ski Mask WLSItreasure32.png Savannah Valley You know what the problem with ski masks is? Too many eye holes, not enough diamonds.
Solid-Gold Shuttlecock WLSItreasure33.png Savannah Valley Play badminton the way the wealthiest emperors play it. You're worth it.
Extra-Nutty Chestnut WLSItreasure34.png Sneak Peak Some chestnuts just come out a little nuttier than the others.
Stone Hockey Mask WLSItreasure35.png Sneak Peak A really heavy hockey mask. Let's see that puck get through this!
Saphfire WLSItreasure36.png Sneak Peak A rare gem enrobed in blue flame. Pretty, but uncomfortable to wear as jewelry.
Lion-Mane Wig WLSItreasure37.png Lowdown Depths Like everyone, you've always wanted to look more like a lion. Admit it. Go on.
Moon Light WLSItreasure38.png Lowdown Depths Illuminate your desk with light from a real chunk of moon! May smell of cheese, though.
B.C. Bongo WLSItreasure39.png Lowdown Depths The first bongo drums were made of rock. Lousy sound, but they sure were durable.

Rocking Range[edit]

Treasure Image Level Description
Perfect Disguise WLSItreasure40.png Wreck Train No one will ever know it's you!
Hotter Sauce WLSItreasure41.png Wreck Train Hotter than any normal hot sauce. No, hotter than that. Hotter. Keep going...
Diamond Lightbulb WLSItreasure42.png Wreck Train A lightbulb carved from a huge diamond. You'll be sad when it burns out, though.
Fossilized Drumstick WLSItreasure43.png Stonetooth Cave You know what was tasty? Dinosaur meat. It's really hard to find fresh these days.
Kissing Stapler WLSItreasure44.png Stonetooth Cave The first in a line of office supplies for lonely workers.
Gold-Handled Bucket WLSItreasure45.png Stonetooth Cave How can you improve on the utilitarian design of a bucket? With a big ol' hunk of gold!
Pterodactyl Stew WLSItreasure46.png Its-all Mine Make your dinosaur meat go farther with this rich and hearty stew.
Gold Press-on Nails WLSItreasure47.png Its-all Mine Solid-gold fake nails with an adorable kitty design. Rich people loooove kitties!
Really Tempting Apple WLSItreasure48.png Its-all Mine A really tasty-looking apple. One bite and you'll never want to eat anything else.
Ancient Duck Soup Mix WLSItreasure49.png Glittertown Ancient peoples had more primitive means of making instant soup.
Energy Drink WLSItreasure50.png Glittertown Looks like cough syrup. Tastes kind of like cough syrup, too. Wait a minute...
Pink Diamond WLSItreasure51.png Glittertown So shiny! So pink! Is there anything lovelier that you can pull from deep under the ground?
Play Money WLSItreasure52.png Neon City Experience the feeling of being a millionaire without any of the actual wealth!
Mirror Crystal Ball WLSItreasure53.png Neon City Finally, a way to simultaneously tell fortunes and host disco parties!
Spyfruit WLSItreasure54.png Neon City Extremely rare fruit trained in espionage and counterintelligence.
Train Timetable WLSItreasure55.png Derailed Express A schedule for the Derailed Express. Huh. It's scheduled to derail at 4:15. Weird.
24K Baseball Bat WLSItreasure56.png Derailed Express The few players that actually use these do surprisingly well. Maybe it distracts pitchers?
Overachieving Star WLSItreasure57.png Derailed Express This one shines brighter than any other star out there. Show-off.

Jiggle Jungle[edit]

Treasure Image Level Description
Piranha Dentures WLSItreasure58.png Ropey Jungle Sturdily made dentures that can bite through the hardest of peanut brittles.
Pied Piper's Pupil WLSItreasure59.png Ropey Jungle This rat learned from the best, and no one can resist his song.
Eye of the Storm WLSItreasure60.png Ropey Jungle Tired of the rain? Just poke this treasure right in the eye, and it's nothing but blue skies.
Lanternfish WLSItreasure61.png Windbreak Bay This poor fish. No one told it that paper lanterns don't work underwater.
Ammoniteless Shell WLSItreasure62.png Windbreak Bay There used to be a cool creature living in this thing, but it's gone now. Lame.
Swine Pearls WLSItreasure63.png Windbreak Bay Why put the one before the other?
Cupid's Bow WLSItreasure64.png Airytale Castle How's your aim?
Rainbow Toucan WLSItreasure65.png Airytale Castle Some birds fly so high that they become rainbows. This bird is just wearing makeup.
Flying Slipper WLSItreasure66.png Airytale Castle These slippers let you fly like a bird ...if you have more than one.
Bottle of Toad Oil WLSItreasure67.png Soggybog River Freshly pressed toad oil. Also available in a new bullfrog flavor. Yum!
Flowerworks WLSItreasure68.png Soggybog River Brilliant blossoms that bloom into fireworks and fade away seconds later. Oooooohhhhhh!
Amber Ring WLSItreasure69.png Soggybog River Mosquitoes are annoying, unless they've been trapped inside a rock for millions of years.
Pot Full o' Mystery WLSItreasure70.png Launchpad Labyrinth Come on, just look at the thing! That is one mysterious pot!
Dung Beetle Pendant WLSItreasure71.png Launchpad Labyrinth Jeweled pendant of a dung beetle. Why? Seriously, why?
Solid-Gold Flyer WLSItreasure72.png Launchpad Labyrinth An ancient flyer made of the finest gold. Advertising used to be classier.
Venus Guytrap Seed WLSItreasure73.png Riverbloat Rapids Grow your own Venus Guytrap! You case you need to trap some guys.
Muscleman Suit WLSItreasure74.png Riverbloat Rapids Rule the beach with these chiseled plastic pecs and a 100 percent natural fiber wig!
Emerald Melon WLSItreasure75.png Riverbloat Rapids A cruel hoax against melon enthusiasts. Don't try to eat it; it will only lead to heartbreak.
Air Guitar WLSItreasure76.png Prism Prison Rock out anywhere and anytime with this nonexistent axe. WHOOOOO!
Flying Floor Pillow WLSItreasure77.png Prism Prison Seats four and has the smoothest ride in town. Fuel economy, on the other hand...
Electric Ukulele WLSItreasure78.png Prism Prison No, not amplified by electricity. It actually just shocks anyone who plays it.

Quiver Cliffs[edit]

Treasure Image Level Description
Last Mahjong Tile WLSItreasure79.png Mount Bighill No, like the LAST one. Where did all the others go?
Nine Winks WLSItreasure80.png Mount Bighill Thirty-one more and you'll have a nap!
Dragon Whisker WLSItreasure81.png Mount Bighill Part of a dragon's mustache! How cool is that?
Pirate's Eye Patch WLSItreasure82.png Creep Blue Sea Is it possible to patch too many of your eyes? ...Nah.
Message in a Bottle WLSItreasure83.png Creep Blue Sea "Send help! I'm trapped in a bottle factory! Right next door to the fortune-cookie place!"
Blue Coral WLSItreasure84.png Creep Blue Sea A single branch of breathtakingly blue coral. Simply stunning. Also a good paperweight.
Hot Dog WLSItreasure85.png Slipshod Slopes This little fellow manages to be adorable and mouthwatering at the same time.
Crown of Ice WLSItreasure86.png Slipshod Slopes A regal crown made of arctic ice. Be careful; wearing it induces ice-cream headaches.
Aurora Robealis WLSItreasure87.png Slipshod Slopes A robe you can only see in the far north. You should probably wear something underneath it.
Vampire's Mirror WLSItreasure88.png Bad Manor Shows you yourself as a vampire. Vampires don't have reflections, so it's always blank.
Star Hammer WLSItreasure89.png Bad Manor Leave a star-shaped mark on anything (or anyone) you hit!
Pandora's Box WLSItreasure90.png Bad Manor Under no circumstances should you open this. But I'll bet there's neat stuff in there...
Collapsible Telescope WLSItreasure91.png Bamboozle Village Pirates never need binoculars.
Nice Cup of Green Tea WLSItreasure92.png Bamboozle Village For a quick pick-me-up, there's no better treasure. It also makes you look classy.
Tiger-Eye WLSItreasure93.png Bamboozle Village A rare jewel shaped like an eerie eyeball. All-seeing and all-creepy.
Santa's Sled WLSItreasure94.png Freezing Fields Not only the fastest sled around, the fastest vehicle of any kind, ever. Ever.
Frozen Mammoth WLSItreasure95.png Freezing Fields This mammoth looks cold. Maybe I'll knit him a sweater.
Ever-Ice WLSItreasure96.png Freezing Fields Ice that stays frozen forever! Try a bit in your favorite frosty beverage.
Ghost Potion WLSItreasure97.png Boogie Mansion One sip and you'll turn into a ghost... Wait, isn't that just poison?
Magic Lamp WLSItreasure98.png Boogie Mansion This lamp issues a thick smoke when rubbed. That's all it does. What were you expecting?
Therapeutic Music Box WLSItreasure99.png Boogie Mansion No one could remain stressed with this thing playing in the background. No one, I tell you!



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