Aboard the Sweet Stuff

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Aboard the Sweet Stuff
Aboard the Sweet Stuff
Level code 0-1
Game Wario Land: Shake It!
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Aboard the Sweet Stuff is the first and a tutorial level in the game Wario Land: Shake It!


As the name suggests, the level takes place aboard the Sweet Stuff. At the beginning of the game, the Sweet Stuff automatically starts. The first time the level is started, Wario meets Captain Syrup there and a discussion begins. After that, the level begins.

Everywhere, signs have been placed to show instructions, similar to the first level of Wario Land 4. The golden enemy here is a golden Bandinero. When the level is completed, he can enter a cabin on the Sweet Stuff also known as the Pirate Shop.


Wario near the golden enemy in Aboard the Sweet Stuff
Wario near the golden enemy
  • Jump off a Bandinero's head
  • Defeat the golden enemy
  • Collect 10,000 coins



Chest location Treasure Image NTSC-U description PAL description
The first treasure chest in Aboard the Sweet Stuff Merfle Syrup WLSItreasure1.png Thick, sweet syrup made by Merfles with love (and a zesty blend of eleven herbs).
The second treasure chest in Aboard the Sweet Stuff Six-Week-Old Curry WLSItreasure2.png The pirate galley cook recommends curry be aged properly before eating. Any pirate chef will tell you that curry needs to be aged properly before eating.
The third treasure chest in Aboard the Sweet Stuff Fickle Compass WLSItreasure3.png This compass points north. Or whatever other direction takes its fancy. Points north, except when it doesn't. But what else could it be pointing to?


  • Given time: 5:00:00
  • Sum of coins: 12,560

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かいぞくせんのなか
Kaizoku sen no naka
Inside the Pirate Ship
German Kapitän Kandis' Schiff Captain Syrup's Ship
Italian A bordo dell'Acquadolce Aboard the Sweet Stuff
Spanish A bordo del Aguadulce Aboard the Sweet Stuff