Savannah Valley

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Savannah Valley
Level code 2-4
Game Wario Land: Shake It!
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Savannah Valley is the fourth level of Wiggly Wilds in Wario Land: Shake It!


The level begins with Wario entering a large cave. Inside, there are many bars that he can swing on to reach higher areas of the cave. In fact, the whole cave is filled with these swing bars, and it is also filled with coins. The golden enemy, a Floating Bandinero, hides in the corner. Upon finally exiting the cave, Wario will be in grassy plains and take a platform to a higher cliff. Here, Wario will move across a bar while watching out for bombs. Wario will later enter another cave where he will meet a caged Merfle. When freeing him, an alarm will go off, making Wario run to the beginning of the level and finishing it.


Wario near the golden enemy of Savannah Valley
Wario near the level's golden enemy
  • Finish before the clock hits 2:40:00
  • Beat the stage without taking damage
  • Collect 46,000 coins
  • Defeat the golden enemy
  • Break all stone blocks



Chest location Treasure Image NTSC-U description PAL description
The first treasure chest in Savannah Valley Hypno-Specs
WLSItreasure31.png Hypnotize your friends! Hypnotize your enemies! Basically, just hypnotize everybody! Hypnotise your friends! Hypnotise your enemies! Just hypnotise everybody, basically.
The second treasure chest in Savannah Valley Diamond Ski Mask
Diamond Balaclava
WLSItreasure32.png You know what the problem with ski masks is? Too many eye holes, not enough diamonds. You know what the problem with balaclavas is? Too many eye holes, not enough diamonds.
The third treasure chest in Savannah Valley Solid-Gold Shuttlecock
Golden Shuttlecock
WLSItreasure33.png Play badminton the way the wealthiest emperors play it. You're worth it.


  • Given time: 4:00:00
  • Sum of coins: 52,590

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハーゲンへいげん
Hāgen heigen
Häagen Plains
German Wirbelsavanne -
Italian Val Savana Savana Valley


  • The escape sequence music is the same one from Just Plains.
  • This is the only level that hides money in water.
  • This is one of the two five-star levels that Wario can 100% complete in only one run, the other one being Airytale Castle.