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Treasure in the Wario franchise refers to valuable objects that can be collected by the player. In most games, Wario discovers or steals the treasures from various places.


Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3[edit]

In Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, Wario hears rumors of immense riches held by the Brown Sugar Pirates on Kitchen Island. After arriving on the island, he single-handedly defeats Captain Syrup and her pirates, escaping with their riches. Additionally, there are fifteen collectible treasures hidden throughout the game, with Wario receiving a different type of house from the Genie depending on the value of the treasures he offers the Genie at the end of the game. The total value of all of the treasures is 90,000 coins, meaning that to achieve the best ending, the player must collect 9,999 coins in addition to all fifteen treasures.

If the player loses all their lives, they will lose one of the treasures they have already obtained, forcing them to collect it again from the stage it was previously found in. If the player has no treasures, they will instead lose half of their total coins.

Treasure Value Location
A Treasure found in Course No.03 9000 Coins Course No.03
B Treasure found in Course No.09 6000 Coins Course No.09
C Treasure found in Course No.11 2000 Coins Course No.11
D Treasure found in Course No.16 7000 Coins Course No.16
E Treasure found in Course No.17 5000 Coins Course No.17
F Treasure found in Course No.18 9000 Coins Course No.18
G Treasure found in Course No.20 5000 Coins Course No.20
H Treasure found in Course No.24 8000 Coins Course No.24
I Treasure found in Course No.26 7000 Coins Course No.26
J Treasure found in Course No.29 3000 Coins Course No.29
K Treasure found in Course No.30 4000 Coins Course No.30
L Treasure found in Course No.31 8000 Coins Course No.31
M Treasure found in Course No.34 4000 Coins Course No.34
N Treasure found in Course No.37 7000 Coins Course No.37
O Treasure found in Course No.39 6000 Coins Course No.39

Virtual Boy Wario Land[edit]

The ten collectible treasures placed around the vault located inside the Aldegara Waterfall.

In Virtual Boy Wario Land, there are ten collectible treasures that serve the purpose of opening a vault found in the Awazon river basin that contains immense amounts of treasure. Wario first encounters the treasures after he notices three Mask-Guys carrying treasure chests from a distance. He decides to follow them until they arrive at a set of large, sliding doors that open for them, with the ten treasures placed in alcoves around the entrance. After they deposit their treasure, Wario manages to overpower them, hoping to take the contents of the vault for himself. However, the treasures that powered the sliding door fly out of their alcoves, and the floor collapses from beneath Wario's feet, sending him deep underground.

The ten collectible treasures are later found throughout the game's stages, with one appearing in every stage not marked with a skull on the world map. Getting a Game Over will cause a bat to steal one of the player's treasures, forcing them to find it once again, similarly to what happens in Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land. Collecting all of them will allow Wario to open the vault at the beginning of the game after defeating Demon Head, revealing it to hold a multitude of riches, including a magic carpet and a bottle, the former of which he rides on to get home. In a second playthrough on a file, the bottle is revealed to contain Demon Head, who rows Wario back home on the carpet if the player completes the game in over 2 hours.

Treasure Location
Treasure found in Stage 1 of Virtual Boy Wario Land. Stage 1
Treasure found in Stage 2 of Virtual Boy Wario Land. Stage 2
Treasure found in Stage 3 of Virtual Boy Wario Land. Stage 3
Treasure found in Stage 5 of Virtual Boy Wario Land. Stage 5
Treasure found in Stage 6 of Virtual Boy Wario Land. Stage 6
Treasure found in Stage 7 of Virtual Boy Wario Land. Stage 7
Treasure found in Stage 9 of Virtual Boy Wario Land. Stage 9
Treasure found in Stage 10 of Virtual Boy Wario Land. Stage 10
Treasure found in Stage 11 of Virtual Boy Wario Land. Stage 11
Treasure found in Stage 13 of Virtual Boy Wario Land. Stage 13

Wario Land II[edit]

Treasure screen
The 50 treasures
Picture Panel
The treasure map

In Wario Land II, the Black Sugar Gang infiltrates his castle while he is asleep, stealing his treasure in the process. After he wakes up, Wario pursues the pirates to get his riches back, which he eventually does after defeating the pirate crew.

Additionally, 50 hidden treasures can be obtained throughout the 50 levels of the game, by playing a mini-game called Matching Game. A treasure map can also be unlocked by playing and winning a Number Matching Game at the end of every level. Together, they give access to both the secret Time Attack mode and the mini-game Flagman D-D to the player.

Wario Land 3[edit]

Main article: Wario Land 3 § Treasures

In Wario Land 3, a hidden figure informs Wario that he could keep all the treasure of the music box world if he is freed. There are a total of 100 treasures in the world to collect, but not all are necessary to complete the game, with only 48 of them being required. After finding five music boxes and going to The Temple, Wario frees the figure, who rather than keeping his end of the bargain, intends to eliminate him and continue his world conquest in both the music box world and the outer one. After defeating the hidden figure and freeing the villagers, the old man among them allows Wario to keep all the collected treasure out of gratitude.

Wario Land 4[edit]

The newspaper seen in the intro of Wario Land 4.
A newspaper article about the legendary treasure in Wario Land 4

Treasures return in Wario Land 4. During the credits, various treasures fly out of the treasure sack and are shown to the player. For each treasure, an image of a corresponding scene displays in the sky. There are also treasures obtained from bosses, under the name of legendary treasure (or Great Treasure[citation needed]). Wario first hears about the treasure when he reads a newspaper article, and he sets off towards an ancient pyramid pyramid in his Wario Car in the middle of the night in the hope of having the treasure all to himself. When speeding through the city, he almost runs over a black cat. The newspaper article flies into her face, and she seems to read it with a curious interest. At the Golden Pyramid, the black cat guides Wario to the main room. Here, there are five passages. The four main ones (Emerald Passage, Ruby Passage, Topaz Passage, and Sapphire Passage) each have a boss that guards a legendary treasure and three treasure chests. The boss Spoiled Rotten guards no treasure. Cractus defends the Crown, Cuckoo Condor guards the Earrings, Aerodent wears the Necklace, and Catbat protects the Bracelets. When each of these bosses is defeated, the treasure chests and the legendary treasure are collected and stored into the Golden Pyramid on the main map.

The Golden Diva.
The Golden Diva wears all of the legendary treasure.
Wario recovering the legendary treasure
Wario recovers the treasure after the final battle.

When all five bosses have been defeated, the Golden Pyramid will become accessible. This is the stronghold of the Golden Diva, the game's final boss and the evil ruler of the pyramid. The Golden Diva wears all of the ancient jewelry that was taken from the four bosses. There is also a wall that holds up to twelve treasure chests, three from each boss. If the Golden Diva is defeated, in a final wave of fury she will begin to destroy the internal structure of the pyramid, causing it to begin crumbling to the ground. Panicking, Wario gathers up the treasure, puts it into a sack, and makes an escape with the black cat leading the way out. When they reach a safe distance, they watch the pyramid crumble to the ground. The four legendary treasure that the Golden Diva was wearing fly out of the sack and return to the black cat, who transforms into Princess Shokora, the true ruler of the pyramid, Princess Shokora, whose appearance depends on the amount of treasure he ends with. The princess kisses Wario thank you and farewell. Four angels surround her, and they lift her into heaven. After sitting there for a short while trying to make sense of it all, Wario grabs what remains of the treasure, throws it into the back of his Wario Car, and drives across the desert back home.

The first Gold Treasure seen in the credits Small Tree
The second Gold Treasure seen in the credits Apple
The third Gold Treasure seen in the credits Fish
The fourth Gold Treasure seen in the credits Candle Holder
The fifth Gold Treasure seen in the credits Lamp
The sixth Gold Treasure seen in the credits Crescent Moon Bed
The seventh Gold Treasure seen in the credits Toy Bear
The eighth Gold Treasure seen in the credits Lollipop
The ninth Gold Treasure seen in the credits Game Boy Advance
The tenth Gold Treasure seen in the credits Toy Robot
The eleventh Gold Treasure seen in the credits Toy Rocket
The twelfth Gold Treasure seen in the credits Rocking Horse
Legendary treasure
Legendary treasure Boss
The Crown The Crown Cractus
The Earrings The Earrings Cuckoo Condor
The Necklace The Necklace Aerodent
The Bracelets The Bracelets Catbat

Wario World[edit]

In Wario World, the Black Jewel transforms Wario's treasures into monsters. Wario must get his treasure back. Each of the game's eight levels has eight treasures to collect, for a total of 64 in the game. To find a Treasure, Wario must find and activate a treasure button. The buttons are color-coded and when one is activated, its corresponding treasure chest appears on a colored platform somewhere else in the level. Wario can then open the chest and collect one of his missing treasures.

If Wario comes across a treasure chest platform before activating the platform's button, he will be unable to receive the treasure. For this reason, backtracking is sometimes necessary.

Wario: Master of Disguise[edit]

In Wario: Master of Disguise, along with helpful items such as maps to the current location, Guise Gems and keys to important doors, treasure chests also contain treasures that boost Wario's money tally for the current level. The player will have to complete one of several mini-games in order to obtain the treasure, which get harder on later levels. Once Wario obtained a treasure, he can view it, its value, and a description of it in his Treasure Log on the main menu.

Starting in the third level, Treasure Pest enemies appear and randomly replace one of these treasures in every level; Wario will have to retry the level later in order to get the treasure. Also, on return trips, Wario can re-open chests that contained Guise or Mastery Gems in order to get a new treasure.

Lists of treasures[edit]