Course No.29

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Course No.29
WLSML3 Course No 29.png
World SS Tea Cup
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.29 is the fourth course of SS Tea Cup in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. It is the first level to take place on the ship itself.


At the ship's entrance, Wario must cross a beam while avoiding two Ukiwani that jump up from the water below. Once inside, there are three floors, each occupied by Wanderin' Gooms and Pirate Gooms and have ladders on the right side used to climb to the next floor. On the top floor, a door on the left takes Wario to a small room with a Gaugau on top of three cargo crates and a block containing a Garlic Pot on the right side, while a door on the right leads Wario further into the level.

Wario must climb down a long ladder; halfway down, there is an alcove with coins and a D.D. guarding a block containing a Jet Pot. After climbing down the ladder completely, Wario has to head left and climb up two floors to reach the top floor similar to the previous room. Each floor has a door and is occupied by a D.D. The bottom door leads to an ornate room with a single Penkoon and three blocks containing two hearts and a Garlic Pot. The middle door is a one-way door that leads back to the previous room. The top door takes Wario to the next area, where the save point is located.

After climbing up a ladder, Wario will find three more doors spread out in a wide room with many Wanderin' Gooms and Pirate Gooms. The first door leads to a cargo room with a D.D. If Wario climbs down the ladder on the right side here to the bottom floor, he will find another D.D., more coins and two blocks containing hearts. The second door leads to a small room with a Pouncer hovering up and down on the right side, and two blocks containing a heart and a key on the left. Wario can use the top of the Pouncer to reach the contents while being careful not to touch the axes on the ceiling above it. The third door leads to the final room with the goal door, which is guarded by two D.D.s.


If Wario climbs the first ladder of the course all the way to the top, he will find the treasure room door. After obtaining the key in the room with the Pouncer, Wario can use the middle door of the multi-floored room with the D.D.s as a shortcut to arrive at the door faster. The treasure is a hatchet worth 3,000 coins.