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Wario battling the Ironsider, with two stone hands.
Wario and the Ironsider battling, with two stone hands
“The Ironsider at the Goal up ahead spins around while spewing flames! When the flames close in, look for some sand! Use the Ground Pound to go underground!”
Spriteling, Wario World

The Ironsider is the boss of Pecan Sands, whom Wario fights in Wario World. It is a large, pulsing lion-esque head made of solid iron that enlists the help of huge stone hands in battle. The Ironsider is one of two bosses that is impervious to Wario's punches, with the other being Red-Brief J.

The Ironsider's fight takes place on a medium-sized, suspended arena with a sandy floor surrounding nine stone squares. The Ironsider has two attacks: the first one sends out multiple shockwaves Wario's way, much like other bosses, and the second is a fire breath attack that will sweep the entire arena. Even if Wario runs away, the flames move faster than Wario can run. The only way to avoid this attack is to Ground Pound and get stuck in the sand in the arena. The flames will then pass harmlessly overhead. The Ironsider's hands cannot directly damage Wario. Instead, they opt to hold him in place to be punished by one of the Ironsider's attacks, and the player needs to shake the Control Stick to break free. Also, the Ironsider's attacks will destroy the stone hands if they hit them.

The only way to hurt this boss is to stun one of the hands, grab it, and either throw it at or piledrive near the Ironsider. Hitting the Ironsider five times will defeat the boss and give Wario access to the Sparkle Land boss, Captain Skull.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テツのモンスター
Tetsu no monsutā
Iron monster

Possibly from an abbreviation of "Μινώταυρος" (Minotauros, Ancient Greek for "Minotaur")
French Grand brûleur Great burner
Italian Testa d'Acciaio Iron Head


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