Marshmallow Block

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Wario about to cross a row of marshmallow blocks.
Marshmallow Blocks
Wario crossing the chain of marshmallow blocks, as they vanish behind him.
Wario crossing the chain of Marshmallow Blocks, as they vanish behind him

A Marshmallow Block[1] is a type of block that appears in the sublevels beneath wooden and steel trapdoors in Wario World. Marshmallow Blocks make the challenge of completing the sublevel more difficult, as they disappear almost immediately once touched, meaning Wario must be careful and agile to successfully reach the next platform. Marshmallow Blocks can be considered a more dangerous form of the Drop Block.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マシュマロブロック[2]
Mashumaro Burokku
Marshmallow Block

Italian Blocco Gommoso[3]
Rubber Block


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