Spooktastic World

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Wario World world
Spooktastic World
Spooktastic World.png
Level(s) Horror Manor
Wonky Circus
Boss Dual Dragon
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Spooktastic World

Spooktastic World is a spooky/horror themed location acting as the second world in Wario World. The area is located inside a manor portal from Treasure Square. It contains a small castle, from where Wario has access to the haunted house known as Horror Manor, and next to it to the left is a circus tent that serves as an entrance to Wonky Circus. The swamp entrance on the right with giant green vines which lead to Dual Dragon's Showdown.

The world itself has an evening setting, complete with dried, leafless trees and sharp end fences. The world boss fought here is Dual Dragon. There are heart symbols on each end of the gate.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドキドキワールド
Dokidoki Wārudo
Pit-a-pat World

French Chair de poule
German Para Fantastika
Spanish for "For Fantastic"
Italian Castello Spettrale
Spooky Castle
Spanish Castilandia
From castillo (castle) and the suffix -landia (land)