Spooktastic World

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Wario World World
Spooktastic World
Spooktastic World.PNG
Levels Horror Manor
Wonky Circus
Boss Dual Dragon
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Spooktastic World is a spooky/horror themed location acting as the second world in Wario World. The area is located inside a manor portal from Treasure Square. It contains a small castle, from where Wario has access to the haunted house known as Horror Manor, and next to it there is a circus that works as an entrance to Wonky Circus. The swamp entrance with a giant green vines which leads to Dual Dragon's Showdown.

The world itself has an evening setting, complete with dried leaf-less trees and sharp end fences. The boss fought here is the Dual Dragon.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドキドキワールド
Dokidoki Wārudō
Throbbing World
French Chair de poule Goosebumps
German Para Fantastika Spanish for "For Fantastic"