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Image of a snake charmer alone in the Wonky Circus
A snake charmer by itself

Snake charmers[1] are enemies in Wario World that are only found in Wonky Circus. They are always found riding Elephants or Cobras. Despite the strength of the enemies they are found on, snake charmers themselves are relatively weak, and can be defeated by any attack. To defeat a snake charmer, however, the enemy they ride must be lifted up for them to fall down first; when snake charmers fall off of the enemy they ride, they become stunned and incapable of attacking.


  • Shogakukan guide (Cobra-riding type): コブピーの上に乗っている小さなモンスター。笛を吹くことでコブピーを操っている。エミー使い同様、持ち上げることができる。[2] (A small monster that sits on top of a Kobupī. It controls Kobupī by blowing its whistle. It can be lifted like an Amy tamer.)
  • Shogakukan guide (Elephant-riding type): エミーの上に乗っている小さな敵で、笛を吹いてエミーを操る。小さいが、ワリオが持ち上げて攻撃できる珍しいタイプ。[2] (A small enemy that sits on top of Amy and controls her by blowing a whistle. Although small, it is a rare type that Wario can pick up and attack.)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エミー使い[2]
Emī Tsukai
Kobupī Tsukai
Elephant tamer

Cobra tamer


  1. ^ Grimm, Steven. Wario World Player's Guide. Page 52. "After you scale the ladder to the hidden platform, you must battle your way past two snake charmers and their gigantic cobras to reach the treasure pad. Back up when the snakes glow red—they’re about to strike."
  2. ^ a b c d Page 153 of the Wario World Nintendo Kōshiki Guidebook refers to this enemy as エミー使い for the Elephant-riding type and コブピー使い for the Cobra-riding type. 使い (Tsukai) is typically meant to mean "use" or "errand" but in the context of this enemy can mean "tamer".