Excitement Central

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Wario World World
Excitement Central
Excitement Central.png
Levels Greenhorn Forest
Greenhorn Ruins
Boss DinoMighty
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Excitement Central is the first world in Wario World. Since this is the first area the player visits, it is a tutorial for items and moves. The first level, Greenhorn Forest can be accessed by a giant tree stump in the middle of the area, while the second stage, Greenhorn Ruins is located in a temple entrance to the left. Excitement Central was created as a result of the black jewel's powerful dark magic. To access it, Wario must enter a large door in a forest-like area of Treasure Square.

Excitement Central is set in a dense forest with tall trees and wooden bridges over lakes and waterfalls, as well as a temple. Once the two stages are beaten, Wario can fight DinoMighty and recover the first Huge Treasure Chest Key.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワクワクワールド
Wakuwaku Wārudō
Excitement World
French Fièvre centrale Central Fever
German Turbulenzia from Turbulenz (turbulence)