Excitement Central

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Wario World world
Excitement Central
Excitement Central.png
Level(s) Greenhorn Forest
Greenhorn Ruins
Boss DinoMighty
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Wario facing the exterior of Excitement Central
The exterior, as shown from the Courtyard.

Excitement Central is the first world in Wario World. Since this is the first area the player visits, it is a tutorial for items and moves. The first level, Greenhorn Forest can be accessed by a giant tree stump in the middle of the area, while the second stage, Greenhorn Ruins is located in a temple entrance to the left. Excitement Central was created as a result of the Black Jewel's powerful dark magic. To access it, Wario must enter a large door in a forest-like area of Treasure Square.

Excitement Central is set in a dense forest with tall trees and wooden bridges over lakes and waterfalls, as well as a temple. Once the two stages are beaten, Wario can fight DinoMighty and recover the first Huge Treasure Chest Key. There are mushroom symbols on each end of the gate.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワクワクワールド
Wakuwaku Wārudo
Excitement World
French Fièvre centrale Central Fever
German Turbulenzia From "turbulenz" (turbulence) and possibly "-ia" (a suffix used for place names)
Italian Parco d'Avventura Adventure Park