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Artwork of a large Magon
First appearance Wario World (2003)
Zombie Magon
Puppet Magon
Wario fighting Magons

Magons[1][2] are a species of enemies in Wario World, first encountered in Greenhorn Forest. They come in small and large variants; the small Magons can be defeated in one punch, while the large Magons are knocked out in a single punch (or three punches starting in Shivering Mountains) and can then be defeated by picking up and throwing them. The basic form of a Magon seen in the Excitement Central stages is that of a bipedal yellow (for the small type) or orange (for the large type) lizard with a spike on its head. In later stages, Magons take on differently themed appearances to fit the theme of the level Wario is currently in. All large Magons attack Wario with either a claw swipe or with a sliding attack that does no damage, but can cause Wario to drop any enemy or item that he is carrying. Starting in Wonky Circus, they use an additional tail spin attack, which deals a full heart of damage and stuns Wario momentarily. Small Magons do not attack in Greenhorn Forest, merely approaching Wario in large groups and standing near him, but starting in Greenhorn Ruins they may attack Wario with a fast bite attack. In all stages, small Magons also occasionally run away from Wario in fear, eventually disappearing. If Wario defeats a Magon in this state before it disappears, it drops six large coins instead of just one.

Aside from the basic Magons in Excitement Central, other varieties include Zombie Magons[2] in Horror Manor, Clowns[2] in Wonky Circus, Snowmen[2] in Shivering Mountains, Wolves[2] in Beanstalk Way, Puppet Magons in the Mirror Mansion, and Mummies[2] in Pecan Sands. Each Magon derivative gradually attacks at a faster rate than the last iteration.

According to Wario's description of Magons in the Wario World instruction manual, they do not think about "anything whatsoever."[1]


The following are the traits a Magon and Small Magon can spawn with.

  • Big Magon: Big Magons will follow Wario and try to hit him with his claws and will roar while idle. If there are enemies in the way and they cannot reach Wario, they will taunt Wario with one of their two taunts. They will also learn a tail attack that does more damage starting at Wonky Circus. Only the Big Magons in Shivering Mountains are the exception to the rule.
  • Big Clumsy Magon: Big Clumsy Magons are just like Big Magons, but they trip on the floor from time to time.
  • Big Fast Magon: Big Fast Magons are just like Big Magons, but walks a lot faster and can slide in the floor, pushing Wario.
  • Small Magon: Small Magons follow Wario and will roar and hop in place while idle. Small Magons are unable to attack at the start, but will gain a bite on Horror Manor and will keep it for the rest of the game. Small Magons get scared and shake in fear after Wario beats other nearby enemies. If they notice they are alone, they will scream and try to run away. If they are beaten while running away, the Small Magon will drop six big coins, which are each worth ten regular coins. Some will block Wario's path, these will not move and will just taunt at Wario.
  • Small Clumsy Magon: Small Clumsy Magons work like Small Magons, but will trip on the floor while walking, and if they lose Wario from sight, they will look around and then sprint towards Wario with their arms raised.
  • Small Fast Magon: Small Fast Magons are just faster Small Magons.




Names in other languages[edit]


Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマゴン
Portmanteau of 「卵」 (tamago), meaning egg, and "dragon". Incidentally the same name as the player character in Devil World, Tamagon, a dragon whose hatching sound effect was reused for Yoshi's Egg.
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグタマゴン
Biggu Tamagon
Big Magon

Zombie Magon[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 骨ゴン
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグ骨ゴン
Biggu Honegon
Big Bonegon


Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピエロン
From Pierrot.
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグピエロン
Biggu Pieron
Big Pieron


Language Name Meaning
Japanese ユッキ
From 「雪」 (yuki), meaning snow.
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグユッキ
Biggu Yukki
Big Yukki


Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウルップ
From wolf.
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグウルップ
Biggu Uruppu
Big Uruppu

Puppet Magon[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミイティー
Portmanteau of mitten and kitty.
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワンスル
From 「ワンワン」 (wanwan), meaning bow-wow.


Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミミック
From 「ミイラ」 (miira), meaning mummy.
Language Name Meaning
Japanese カイロネ
From Cairo.


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