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This article is about the Wario World enemy. For the Donkey Kong animal buddy, see Enguarde.
Wario escaping from two Swordfish in Wario World.
Wario and two Swordfish

Swordfish[1] are fish enemies found in the game Wario World, in the Horror Manor level. When Swordfish are in the water, the player can see only their razor-sharp fin sticking out of the water; other than that, they are submerged and invulnerable to Wario's attacks. However, without warning, a Swordfish may jump out of the water and try to bite Wario. While they are out of the water, Wario has a chance to attack the Swordfish. Once it is dazed, Wario can pick it up and use a Mega Toss, Piledriver or Wild Swing-Ding on it to defeat it. If a Swordfish leaps out of the water onto dry land, it remains vulnerable until it goes back in the water.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナイフジョーズ[2]
Naifu Jōzu
Knife Jaws
Spanish Pez Espada Swordfish


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