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Wario near a Tulipatooie
First appearance Wario World (2003)
“The Tulipatooie sucks up Glue Globes shortly after it spits them out! Yuck! Grab on quickly, and use them to cross!”
Spriteling, Wario World

A Tulipatooie is a tall flower enemy from Wario World. It only appears in Beanstalk Way. Its name is a portmanteau of "tulip" and "ptooie", an onomatopoeia for spitting.

Tulipatooies perpetually spit out Glue Globes and then suck them back up again. In order to bypass them, Wario must cling to the Glue Globe as it comes out and then immediately jump off. If the Tulipatooie sucks up the Glue Globe while Wario is clinging to it, he will be injured. Tulipatooies cannot be attacked or defeated.

Their behavior, design concept, and name is similar to that of the Ptooie enemy, a plant that blows a spiked ball over its head.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

  • Shogakukan guide: 口からくっつきボールを吐いたり吸ったりする。吐き出す瞬間を狙ってタイミングよくジャンプしてくっつき、向こう岸ヘジャンプしよう。[1] (It sticks the Glue Globes to its mouth and spits or inhales them. Aim for the moment it spits the ball, then jump at the right moment to stick to it and jump to the other side of the river.)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おおきなチューリップ
Ōki-na chūrippu
Large tulip

From「ポン」(pon, onomatopoeia for a popping noise) and possibly「プルプル」(purupuru, onomatopoeic term for a bouncing object)

French tulipaboule
From "tulipe" (tulip) and "boule" (ball)
German Saugtulpe
From "saugen" (to suck) and "tulpe" (tulip)
Italian Tulipanoide
From "tulipano" (tulip) and "-oide" (equivalent to the suffix for nouns and adjectives "-oid")


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