Unithorn's Lair

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Unithorn's Lair
Unithorn's Lair in Wonky Circus
Inhabitants Unithorns
First appearance Wario World (2003)
“Careful, Wario! All the cliffs and deep chasms around here are really, really, dangerous! If you fall, you'll land in Unithorn's Lair! Scary! You'll lose coins as long as you're in Unithorn's Lair, so if you fall in, you'd better hurry up and find the Escape Spring before you go broke!”
Spriteling, Wario World

Unithorn's Lair is a subterranean location in Wario World. Wario can fall into it by falling into various chasms and bottomless pits found throughout the game's levels. In Unithorn's Lair, Wario is attacked by three to six of the eponymous Unithorn enemies, which have the ability to steal his coins. To escape, Wario must break the various crates found in the cavern. All but one of the crates contain Smiley Bombs, which can be used to distract the Unithorns, but a random crate contains the Escape Spring that allows Wario to return to the surface.

The visual design and layout of Unithorn's Lair varies between levels, but all variations contain poisonous water that causes Wario to bounce around and lose coins. The variations seen in the later levels tend to contain less safe ground and more water than the earlier levels.


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