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This article is about the enemy in Wario World. For the weapon in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, see List of weapons in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle § Angler Mangler.
Wario near the Angler Mangler

The Angler Mangler[1] is a large, white anglerfish that Wario encounters in Wario World. It appears twice in the Shivering Mountains stage and serves as an impediment.

The Angler Mangler seals Wario in with a wall of ice when he approaches. This ice can freeze Wario if he touches it. The player must wiggle the Control Stick to break free. The Angler Mangler can also create a line of ice chunks to freeze Wario. Finally, when damaged, the fish spews out many, many ice chunks in all directions.

Wario cannot damage the Angler Mangler directly. Instead, he must use the Barrel Busters it summons to help. The Barrel Busters can hurt Wario, but if he stuns one and Piledrives it, the Barrel Buster's head will pop off straight up. The goal is to do this under the Angler Mangler's glowing weak point: the light that hangs above its head. After either three hits for the first fight or five hits for the second fight, the Angler Mangler is defeated.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あんこうホイホイ
Ankō hoihoi
Hoihoi Anglerfish
German Arktikfisch "Arctic Fish"

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