Mirror Mansion

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Wario World Level
Mirror Mansion
World Sparkle Land
Neighbor Level Pecan Sands
Boss Mean Emcee
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This article is about a level in Wario World. For the location between Flipside and Flopside in Super Paper Mario, see Mirror Hall.

Mirror Mansion is the seventh and second-to-last level in Wario World, that can be entered by entering a top hat-like tower in Sparkle Land. At many points in this level, the player will have to use the mirrors to determine Wario's position.


The player starts in off on a stone bridge with a Party Animal on it in what appears to be a large cavern. The bridge leads to four stone structures, with one of them having a button and another containing a Trapdoor, which leads to a room where the player has to hit blocks in a certain order. In between the stone structures are blocks the act as lifts, but will hurt Wario should he stand underneath them. Up the following stairs is a large gate the player needs to open by spinning a wheel using the Wild Swing-Ding. The next area is obscured by a wall, so the player has to tilt the camera and use the mirror in order to determine where Wario is. There is a Steel Trapdoor and a treasure chest spawn point in this area. The next area also contains a large mirror, though the player doesn't need to use it, and contains many Wheel Mice that will flatten Wario if he gets in their way. Afterward, the player will find a lion that will carry Wario over the spikes when attacked. Once across, the player will enter a fight with a Terrible Portrait. The area afterward has three Huge Dolls fall in and a chain-link fence for Wario to climb and reach the next area.

The next area starts with a mirrored floor and several Vampires. There's a chain-link fence that goes along the wall of the room and the player needs to use the mirrored floor to determine Wario's position and reach the next area, which also contains a mirrored floor and a chain path. The room afterward contains a Trapdoor, which leads to an area with turning blocks, and a hole that drops Wario into the next area.

Immediately upon entering the next area, the player will enter a timed arena which will reward the player based on how well they did. The arena then splits off into two paths; a left and a right. To the right is another lion that will carry Wario over spikes to reach a treasure chest and a Steel Trapdoor, along with a chain-link fence Wario can use to return to the arena.

To the left, there is another lion that will carry Wario across the spikes and into a mirrored area containing many Witches that are only visible in the mirror. By opening the gate with one of the Witches, the player can enter the next area, which contains a hole leading to a bridge where a blimp is firing many Puppet Magons at Wario. At the end of the bridge is another fight with a Terrible Portrait. Beyond that is another broken-up bridge with the same blimp continuing to fire at Wario. At the end of the bridge is the Stone Doohickey leading to the boss of the level, the Mean Emcee.



  • Red Chest: Big Mirror
  • Yellow Chest: Antique Clock
  • Light Green Chest: Gold Mirror
  • Dark Green Chest: Stained Glass
  • Light Blue Chest: Bronze Mirror
  • Dark Blue Chest: Gold Clock
  • Purple Chest: Gold Pocket Watch
  • Pink Chest: Crazy Glasses

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese まじかるミラー
Maji karu mirā
Magical Mirror
German Spiegel Hallen Mirror Halls