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Wario carrying an Elephant from Wario World.
Wario carrying an Elephant in Wario World.

Elephants[1] are enemies in Wario World. They are only found in Wonky Circus. They will try to attack Wario by charging up and ramming into him, and are invincible while attacking. Elephants are both highly aggressive and resilient, and require a Piledriver, Wild Swing-Ding, or Mega Toss to finish them off. The Elephant's charmer, however, is extremely weak, and requires only the weakest of attacks to be defeated. Wario can defeat both the Elephant and its charmer for coins, in a similar manner to Cobras. Wario does not sweat when lifting an Elephant above his head.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エミー[2]


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