Sparkle Land

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Wario World World
Sparkle Land
Sparkle Land Interior.png
Levels Mirror Mansion
Pecan Sands
Boss Captain Skull
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Sparkle Land Exterior.png

Sparkle Land is the fourth and final world in Wario World. It is desert-themed area located behind a temple-like portal. The first level, Mirror Mansion, can be accessed by entering a tower resembling an upside-down top hat. Ribbon stairs take Wario to a pyramid where the second level, Pecan Sands takes place.

The world contains a shipwreck, giant barrels and yellow stars lying on the sand. Around the ship there is a small amount of water. The last major boss before the black jewel, Captain Skull, is fought here in Sparkle Land.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギラギラワールド
Giragira Wārudō
Sparkling World
French Terre scintillante Sparkling Land
German Funkelland Sparkle Land