Sparkle Land

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Wario World world
Sparkle Land
Sparkle Land
Level(s) Mirror Mansion
Pecan Sands
Boss Captain Skull
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Sparkle Land Exterior.png

Sparkle Land is the fourth and final world in Wario World. It is desert-themed area located behind a temple-like portal. The first level, Mirror Mansion, can be accessed by entering a tower resembling an upside-down top hat. Ribbon stairs take Wario to a pyramid where the second level, Pecan Sands takes place.

The world contains a shipwreck, giant barrels and yellow stars lying on the sand. Around the ship there is a small amount of water. The last major boss before the Black Jewel, Captain Skull, is fought here in Sparkle Land. There are star symbols on each end of the gate.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギラギラワールド
Giragira Wārudo
Sparkle World
French Terre scintillante Sparkling Land
German Funkelland Sparkle Land
Italian Terra di Riflessi Land of Reflections