Swirly Slab

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Wario spins a Swirly Slab with a column in Wario World.
Wario using a Swirly Slab in Horror Manor.

A Swirly Slab is a circular platform with a spiral on it in Wario World. If Wario performs a Wild Swing-Ding while standing on it, the Swirly Slab will rise, giving Wario access to higher areas that would have been inaccessible otherwise. Swirly Slabs first appear as metal disks in Horror Manor. In Beanstalk Way, flower buds[1] that open via Ground Pound have swirly flowers also referred to as Swirly Slabs,[2] which otherwise act in a similar way.

Names in other languages[edit]

Swirly Slab
Language Name Meaning
Japanese うずまきもようの台
Uzumaki moyō no Dai
Kurukuru Erebētā
Spiral-patterned Stand

Swirly Elevator

Flower bud
Language Name Meaning
Japanese つぼみ[3]



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