Wild Swing-Ding

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Wario using the Wild Swing-Ding on some Magons in Wario World
The Wild Swing-Ding

The Wild Swing-Ding is a powerful move that Wario can perform in Wario World. When grabbing an enemy or a heavy object, if the player spins Control Stick in a circle in either direction, Wario will start spinning the enemy. After a few spins, auto-spin takes over and Wario spins without input from the player. At this point, it is possible to control Wario with Control Stick. After about 23 spins, Wario lets go of the enemy on his own, though the player can press B Button at any time to end the move. In addition to defeating the enemy Wario is currently holding, the Wild Swing-Ding damages or defeats any enemy that Wario contacts while he is spinning. In many cases, this move is required to progress through levels, such as using the move to raise platforms or open gates by spinning a nearby Swirly Spinner or Swirly Slab.

The move reappears in Super Mario 64 DS, though only in the game's VS mode. The move is exclusive to the Yoshi wearing Wario's cap and is performed in much the same way, though there is no auto-spin. It also makes an appearance as Wario's forward throw in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and his back throw in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Names in other languages[edit]

Wild Swing-Ding
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジャイアントスイング
Jaianto Suingu
Giant Swing
French Tourniquet[1] Turnstile
Italian Lancio Vorticoso Vortex-y Throw
Language Name Meaning
Japanese じどうかいてんモード
Jidōkaiten Mōdo
Autospin Mode
Italian Centrifuga Centrifuge


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