Sort or 'Splode

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Sort or 'Splode

Sort or 'Splode is a minigame first appearing in Super Mario 64 DS and later in New Super Mario Bros. It is one of Mario's minigames in the former and a Variety minigame in the latter.


In the minigame, the player must use the stylus to place the Bob-ombs that appear in their correct sections. Bob-omb Buddies go in the red section, and normal Bob-ombs go in the black section. As the game goes on, more and more Bob-ombs appear and more frequently. If a Bob-omb is left unsorted for a while, it explodes, immediately ending the game; the player's score is then tallied, being how many Bob-ombs were sorted. Additionally, if a Bob-omb is put into the incorrect section, it also explodes, detonating the rest of the Bob-ombs in that section as well, ending the game and tallying only the Bob-ombs from the other section. Once 40 Bob-ombs of one color are placed in their section, the game pauses for a moment; the section is emptied and the 40 Bob-ombs are tallied up before the game resumes.

The background in-game is different in New Super Mario Bros.; metal flooring is used, but a blue laminated floor is used in Super Mario 64 DS.

The multiplayer minigame Bob-omb Sudden Death plays similarly to Sort or 'Splode.

In-game instructions[edit]

  • Super Mario 64 DS: "Guide Bob-ombs to the black carpet and Bob-omb Buddies to the red carpet. If you bring in a wrong-colored Bob-omb, it will blow up!"
  • New Super Mario Bros.: "Guide black Bob-ombs to the black carpet and red Bob-ombs to the red carpet. If you bring in the wrong Bob-omb, it will explode, and that's no good!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボムへいをわけろ!
Bomuhei o wakero!
Sort Bob-ombs!
Spanish Divide y vencerás Divide and you'll win
French Tri explosif Explosive selection
German Zum Explodieren! To Explode! (there is no real translation for this)
Likely to be a variation of "Zum Schießen!" ("You crack me up!") that would translate to "You blow me up!"
Italian Separa o salta in aria Separate or jump into the air
Korean 폭탄병을 나눠라!
Poktanbyeong eul nanwora!
Split Bob-ombs!