Bob-omb Trampoline

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Bob-omb Trampoline.

Bob-omb Trampoline is a multiplayer minigame featured in New Super Mario Bros.. In-game, it is in the 1 on 1 category, meaning that only two players can play.

The game involves the two players trying to keep Bob-ombs falling into the lava on their screens by having the Bob-ombs land on the trampolines instead. The players control the location of the trampoline by dragging it across the bottom screen using the Stylus. Any Bob-omb landing on a trampoline is sent over to the opposing player's screen. As the game progresses, more Bob-ombs appear on-screen. The player is only allowed to miss up to four times before they lose for the next one.

In-game instructions[edit]

"Position trampolines to catch the falling Bob-ombs and bounce them onto your opponent's screen! You lose if you miss five Bob-ombs."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボムへい・トランポリン
Bob-omb Trampoline
Spanish Bob-omb saltarín Jumping Bob-omb
Italian Ping Bob-omba pong Ping Bob-omb pong
Korean 팀블링 폭탄병
Timbeulling pogtanbyeong
Team Bob-omb throwing