World 2 (New Super Mario Bros.)

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World 2
NSMB WorldTwo.jpg
Appearance New Super Mario Bros.
Levels 9
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“World 2 takes Mario to an arid desert landscape crawling with prickly enemies. Like all of the worlds in New Super Mario Bros., World 2 contains secret routes to discover, including an alternate exit to World 4.”
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World 2 is the second world in the game New Super Mario Bros. It is a large Desert-themed world, with enemies such as Pokeys and Lakitus. Bowser Jr. is fought here for the second time in the Tower, and the boss of this world is Mummipokey. This world introduces the idea of Warp Pipes - a means of transportation from one level to another. Unlocking Warp Pipes means that the player can skip some levels, and complete the world without completing all the levels. It has a total of twelve exits.

If the player beats Mummipokey while in mini form, the player will gain access to World 4, instead of just going to World 3.

Level information[edit]

Level Preview Description
World 2-1 NSMB 2-1.png The first level in World 2, it is a desert-based level. This level introduces the enemy Pokey and Spiny. Read more...
World 2-2 NSMB W2-2.png The second level of World 2, featuring a pyramid in the background, This level marks the first appearance of the enemy Lakitu in the game. Read more...
World 2-3 2-3 Maze Area NSMB.png The third level of World 2, the level begins in a desert, with a pipe to the underground. This level introduces the enemy Super Piranha Plant. The level has a secret exit, which unlocks the way to World 2-A. Read more...
World 2-A NSMB W2-A.png This level is the first and only bonus level in this world. Although this world is in the middle of a desert, this level is largely inhabited by water. The level has a secret exit, which unlocks the way to World 2-Cannon NSMB.pngWarp Cannon. Read more...
World 2-Cannon NSMB.pngWarp Cannon NSMB 2-Cannon.png This area, while not really a level, can be unlocked by using the secret exit in World 2-A. The area contains a Warp Cannon in the middle of the desert. If the player enters the Warp Cannon, they are launched to World 5, which can be faintly seen in the background.
World 2-PipeIcon.pngPipe NSMB 2-Pipe.png This pipe, only unlockable by completing World 2-A and using the normal exit, allows the player to gain access to the end of World 2. If the player does so, they can skip all levels in the world between 2-4 and World 2-Castle NSMB.pngCastle, where the pipe leads directly to.
World 2-4 NSMB W2-4.png The fourth level of World 2, it has a secret exit, which unlocks the way to the castle of the world, passing a Toad House. Read more...
World 2-Fortress NSMB.png NSMB W2-Tower.png The tower of World 2, the level features many rotating platforms. The boss here, like all other towers, is Bowser Jr. Read more...
World 2-5 NSMBWorld2-5.png The sixth level of World 2 after the tower, it introduces Boomerang Bros., Blockhoppers and Fire Snakes. Read more...
World 2-6 NSMB W2-6.png The last level before the castle in World 2, this level is sky-based, filled with yellowish and milky-colored clouds. During most of the level, the player is on a levitating platform. Read more...
World 2-Castle NSMB.png Mummipokey.png The last level of World 2, it marks the first appearance of a Spiked Ball in the game. The boss here is Mummipokey. If the player defeated the boss while in their mini form, they will be rewarded with the access to World 4 instead of World 3. Read more...
World 2-1 (New Super Mario Bros.)World 2-2 (New Super Mario Bros.)Power-Up Toad House#World 2-CannonWorld 2-3 (New Super Mario Bros.)World 2-A (New Super Mario Bros.)World 2-4 (New Super Mario Bros.)Mega Mushroom Toad HouseWorld 2-Tower (New Super Mario Bros.)1-Up Toad HousePower-Up Toad HouseWorld 2-5 (New Super Mario Bros.)Power-Up Toad HouseWorld 2-6 (New Super Mario Bros.)World 2-Castle (New Super Mario Bros.)
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Enemies introduced[edit]


  • This is one of only two worlds in New Super Mario Bros. that allows access to two different worlds after the boss battle; the other is World 5.