World 1-4 (New Super Mario Bros.)

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World 1-4
World 1-4 from New Super Mario Bros..
World World 1
Game New Super Mario Bros.
Time limit 400 seconds
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World 1-4 is the fifth level of World 1, and subsequently, of New Super Mario Bros. It introduces the Mini Mushroom.


This level is a grassy meadow, much like World 1-1. The first ? Block (which is on the ground, and not floating, unlike most ? Blocks) contains either a Super Mushroom or Fire Flower, depending on Mario's form. A ? Block containing a Mini Mushroom is later found in the level. The Mini-Mushroom can be used to travel into a small pipe nearby that leads to the first Star Coin. A wall made up of bricks and cement blocks are blocking a Pipe. The wall is shaped in such a way that it's possible to throw a Koopa Shell on it, which will break all of the Blocks and will eventually allow the player to enter it. Alternatively, the player could use a Mega Mushroom to break the block wall. The pipe leads to a cave that contains a Star Coin that is reached by using a P Switch that turns every brick into a coin and vice-versa. The third Star Coin is found in a small gap just before the level's pole that is only accessible by running through as Mini Mario, Shell Mario, or Mario without a Super Mushroom, or by sliding down the slope and through the gap in any form.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1 - The Mini Mushroom in the ? Block can be used to enter the small pipe on the left. The Star Coin is found in plain sight.
  • Star Coin 2 - Near a mass of blocks is a pipe blocked by a brick. The player should break it and find the hidden P Switch to turn the coins into blocks to make steps for the Star Coin. Only Super Mario, Fire Mario, and Shell Mario can reach it.
  • Star Coin 3 - The third Star Coin is found in a small gap just before the level's pole that is only accessible by Mini Mario, Small Mario, Shell Mario, or by sliding down the nearby slope.


Name Image Amount
Goomba Goomba NSMB sprite.png 9 (not including the infinite Goombas spawning from three Warp Pipes)
Green Koopa Troopa NSMBDS Green Koopa Troopa Sprite.png 2
Red Koopa Troopa RedKoopaTroopaNSMB.png 1
Green Koopa Paratroopa KoopaParatroopaNSMB.png 1

Level map[edit]