Vs. Mario's Slides

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Vs. Mario's Slides.

Vs. Mario's Slides is one of the 1 on 1 minigames featured in New Super Mario Bros., which is exclusive to the Vs. Battle multiplayer mode. Since it is in the 1 on 1 category, it can only be played when only two systems are connected.

The game can be set to one of three difficulties before playing: Easy, Normal, and Difficult. Like with the normal Mario's Slides, the players must control the path Mario takes by drawing paths leading to the Star with the Stylus while he heads back and fourth between the two. Whenever Mario reaches a Star, he heads in the opposite direction, toward the other player's Touch Screen. The process repeats itself indefinitely until Mario lands on a Piranha Plant; the player whose Touch Screen Mario is on when this occurs is the loser.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アミダスvs
Amidasu vs
Spanish Duelo a Lazarillo Guide Dog Duel
French Guide Mario vers l'étoile (Vs) Guide Mario to the star (Vs)
Italian I tubi di Mario Vs Vs Mario's pipes

In-game instructions[edit]

"Guide Mario down the slides to the Star. Draw lines on the Touch Screen to create new routes for him. When he hits a Star, Mario will move toward your opponent. Hit a Piranha Plant, and you lose."