Bob-omb Sudden Death

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Bob-omb Sudden Death.

Bob-omb Sudden Death is a minigame featured in the Vs. Battle multiplayer mode in New Super Mario Bros.. It is in the 1 on 1 category.

The game plays similarly to Sort or 'Splode. The players must drag the Bob-ombs and Bob-omb Buddies that are conveyed into the room to their respective, color-coded sides. Since it is color-coded, a Bob-omb must be placed in the black area, and Bob-omb Buddies the pink.

As opposed to two areas like in the single-player game, there are four in this game, two black and two pink. Each one has a number on it: a "5" for the two on top and a "10" for the two on the bottom. If the number of Bob-ombs printed on the section are placed there, then they are launched over to the opposing player's field.

If player places a Bob-omb or Bob-omb Buddy in the incorrect section, or a Bob-omb remains on a player's side without being placed too long and explodes, that player will lose.

In-game instructions[edit]

  • "Guide the Bob-ombs to their like-colored carpets. If one gets to the wrong carpet...KA-BOOM!!! Fill carpets with enough Bob-ombs, and they'll march off to your opponent's screen."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボムへいサドンデス
Bomuhei Sadondesu
Bob-omb Sudden Death
Spanish Bob-ombazo Pun on bombazo(bombshell) and Bob-omb
Italian Bob-omba mortale Deadly Bob-omb