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Coincentration in New Super Mario Bros.

Coincentration is a minigame that first appears in Super Mario 64 DS. It later appears in New Super Mario Bros. as a multiplayer and single-player Puzzle minigame. Its name is a portmanteau of "coin" and "concentration."


The game starts with Wario on the top screen standing next to a Moneybags; he punches it into the air, and 40 coins then fall down and make their way into the Brick Blocks as the Moneybags bounces offscreen. The player must use the stylus to tap the bricks containing coins; if the player taps a brick with no coins, the game will end. The highest possible score that the player can obtain in this game is the "perfect" score of 40.

In the multiplayer version in New Super Mario Bros., the basic premise is similar, but each player instead takes turns choosing a block. If a player taps a block with no coins, the block will break, and the player will lose two points; it is possible to have a negative score in this mode. Once all the coins are found, the person with the most coins wins.

In-game instructions[edit]

Pay attention to where the falling coins land. Touch the blocks to retrieve the coins. But if you choose the wrong block, your game will end.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワリオのコインゲーム
Wario no Koingēmu
Wario's Coin Game
Spanish Monedas a gogó Lots of Coins
French Chute de pièces Coin drop
German Münzentration Coincentration
Italian Monete sonanti Sounding coins
Korean 와리오의 코인 게임
Wario ui koin geim
Wario's Coin Game
Chinese 吃金币
Chī Jīnbì
Eating Coins