Power Flower (Super Mario 64 DS)

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This article is about the power-up in Super Mario 64 DS. For other uses, see Power Flower.
Power Flower
Power Flower
First appearance Super Mario 64 DS (2004)
Effect Turns Mario into Balloon Mario.
Turns Luigi into Vanish Luigi.
Turns Wario into Metal Wario.
Gives Yoshi the ability to breathe fire.

Power Flowers are power-ups that appear in Super Mario 64 DS. They replace the various caps from Super Mario 64. When Mario uses a Power Flower, he is able to float for a short time, similar to the Power Balloon in Super Mario World. When Luigi uses a Power Flower, he becomes Vanish Luigi, becoming partially immaterial and being able to move through certain objects to get to new places, akin to the Vanish Cap. When Wario uses a Power Flower, he becomes Metal Wario, gaining the ability to walk underwater, as well as being able to withstand great winds, just like the Metal Cap. When Yoshi uses a Power Flower, he gains fire breath that can melt blocks of Ice and damage enemies, which is comparable to eating red watermelons or fire-based enemies in the Yoshi franchise. The Power Flowers can be unlocked after the player presses the ? Switch in the level of the same name, after which they can be found in ? Blocks. They can also be found on the second floor of the Mushroom Castle, but only while the player plays as Luigi.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パワーフラワー
Pawā Furawā
Power Flower
Chinese 力量之花
Lìliàng zhī Huā
Flower of power
French Fleur de puissance Power Flower
Italian Fiore Potenza Power Flower
Korean 파워플라워
Pawo Peullawo
Power Flower