Mix Flower

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Mix Flower


Price 180­
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (2005)
The brothers using a Mix Flower on two Fly Guys in the final game.

Mix Flowers are a Bros. Item used in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. When used, the quartet splits up and surrounds the enemy group. One Mario brother will be holding a large fireball. The other three Mario brothers will be holding small blue fireballs. The player must hit the button of the brother with the large fireball to build a huge fireball over the enemy group. The fireball will switch to other members, who must have their corresponding buttons pressed. Eventually, the huge fireball will fall, exploding and doing major damage to the entire enemy group based on its size. Regardless of how long the player keeps the attack going, the attack's damage caps at 999 damage. This attack, however, despite it being the strongest single-hit Bros. Item in the game, can only do 1 damage to enemies with 999 defense, such as Shroob-ombs and Elder Princess Shroob in her second phase while her crown is active.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Ramo Flores Flower Bouquet
French Bouquet Bouquet
German Blumenmix Flower Mix
Italian Fiore Mix Flower Mix
Korean 믹스플라워
Mikseu Peullawo
Mix Flower