Cobalt Star

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Professor E. Gadd holding the Cobalt Star.
The Cobalt Star in one piece
“The machine's energy source? This amazing Cobalt Star!”
In-game text, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

The Cobalt Star is the power source for Prof. E. Gadd's time machine in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The Cobalt Star is shattered into multiple shards by Princess Peach after she uses it to trap the Elder Princess Shroob, the leader of the Shroobs that are invading the Mushroom Kingdom of the past. However, her sister, the younger Princess Shroob, kidnaps Peach in the castle of the past, which is later turned into Shroob Castle. Destroying the star also causes time holes to appear between the past and present. Meanwhile, Baby Bowser collects the shards of the Cobalt Star as his personal treasure, going great lengths to protect it. With the help of their infant selves, Mario and Luigi go about retrieving the shards and reassembling the Cobalt Star to fix the fabric of time and save Peach from the Shroobs. They find the first one in Bowser's Castle, although this causes Baby Bowser to pursue them. After finding the second shard in the Vim Factory, Baby Bowser steals the shards and flees to Yoshi's Island, where the Mario Bros. give chase and retrieve the shards from him. Later in the game, at Star Hill, the "spirit of the Cobalt Star," which is actually the Elder Princess Shroob in disguise, sends the heroes to the Star Shrine, where there is another Cobalt Star shard.

The Cobalt Star's "spirit" from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
The "spirit" of the Cobalt Star

Baby Luigi and Kylie Koopa both realize something is suspicious about the Cobalt Star, with the former crying after he noticed something inside, but the whole truth is not revealed until it is too late: All of the shards are assembled at Shroob Castle when Baby Bowser steals the last one from Peach. Baby Bowser is transformed into a Shroob mushroom, and the Elder Princess Shroob then uses her regained power to break free of her prison and attack the heroes.

When the Cobalt Star shard goes near the Junior Shrooboid, the sound that a Shroob saucer makes is heard.

Cobalt Star shard locations[edit]

A Cobalt Star shard
A Cobalt Star shard

Below is a list of where the six shards of the Cobalt Star are located.

Names in other languages[edit]

Cobalt Star[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コバルトスター
Kobaruto sutā
Cobalt Star
French Étoile cobalt Cobalt star
German Kobaltstern Cobalt star
Italian Stella Cobalto Cobalt Star
Spanish Estrella Cobalto Cobalt Star

Cobalt Star shard[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コバルトスターのカケラ
Kobaruto sutā no kakera
Cobalt Star Piece
French Fragment stellaire Starry shard
German Kobalt-Sternsplitter Cobalt Star Shard
Italian Pezzo di Stella Cobalto Piece of Cobalt Star
Spanish Fragmento de la Estrella Cobalto Cobalt Star's fragment