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I have a question. If the Cobalt Star was destroyed when EPS was freed, then HOW did E.Gadd get it? TheGreatBlockyBoo 14:32, 10 February 2007 (EST)

What do you mean, exactly? -- Son of Suns

Good point. E. Gadd would technically need it to bring the time machine back to the present. (Don't want to screw with copyrights) Max2 :)

The second Time Machine seen in the game ran off the energy emitted by the Time Holes, not the Cobalt Star. -- Son of Suns

No. In the beginning it says "E. Gadd's time machine, blablabla, powered by the COBALT STAR" Max2 Who knows these things.

The first Time Machine was powered by the Cobalt Star. The Time Machine seen later in the game was powered by the Time Holes. -- Son of Suns

It is the same machine! Max2 E. Gadd fixed it.

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I made an article on this, who deleted it? Full Metal MoogleKirbyWalk.gif

Merge Cobalt Shard Into Cobalt Star[edit]

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Cobalt Shards are merely pieces of the Cobalt Star. They are the same, only in fewer pieces. Both articles are small, just borderlining a stub. A more detailed article would result in the merging of these two, and I can't think of a single argument to this. The Cobalt Star and the Cobalt Shards basically contain information that the other should contain, so it all fits together.

Merge Cobalt Shard Into Cobalt Star
  1. Reversinator (talk) Per proposal
  2. Redstar (talk) Per Reversinator. The Shards are literally pieces that come together and make the entire Star. There's simply no difference between the two, except the Star is just a bunch of Shards glued together. If merged, I don't want to see a section. This information is better integrated into a cohesive story section.
  3. Bloc Partier (talk) -- Per all.
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Shard Locations[edit]

Shouldn't we say here where each shard was located? And, where applicable, who has to be defeated to get it? (Petey Piranha, Princess Shroob, etc.) Ghostkaiba297 03:05, 12 March 2010 (EST)