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Luigi looking down a time hole.
Mario and Luigi look into the first time hole.
Time hole from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Time holes are special holes found in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, having the appearance of circular swirls of a pink and yellow color. They are essentially tears in the spacetime continuum that can be used to travel from the past to the present and vice versa. Time holes can open for several reasons. The first known time hole is opened when the damaged time machine returns from the past (which is closed after Mario, Luigi, and Stuffwell use it), and the time holes that follow are caused by reactions from the Cobalt Star shards. The Elder Princess Shroob also has the ability to open time holes in battle, which she does to attack Mario and Luigi.

Professor E. Gadd later uses the energy radiating from the time holes to power his time machine after the Cobalt Star is destroyed, swiftly bringing Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach back to the present.

If one pair of the Mario Bros. jumps through a time hole alone, the other pair follows soon after, regardless of the terrain outside the time hole they went through.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タイムホール
Taimu Hōru
Time Hole

Chinese (traditional) 時間洞穴[1]
Shíjiān Dòngxué
Time Hole

French Faille spatiotemporelle
Spatiotemporal break
German Zeitstrudel
Time Vortex
Italian Breccia temporale
Time breach
Korean 타임홀
Taim Hol
Time Hole

Spanish Portal temporal
Temporal portal