Ghoul Guy

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Partners in Time enemy
Ghoul Guy
Ghoul Guy
Location(s) Shroob Castle
HP 157 (100)
POW 155 (140)
Defense 120 (105)
Speed 46 (51)
Experience 100
Level 28
Coins 10
Item drop Max Mushroom – 12%
Red Pepper – 3%
Battled by Anyone
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese and European versions (if they differ from the original American release).

Ghoul Guys are gray Boo Guys that appear in the Shroob Castle in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Their attack is a quicker and stronger version of Boo Guys' attack. Ghoul Guys can roll into Mario or Luigi, inflicting damage. Before a Ghoul Guy attacks, it splits into two transparent copies, including a fake copy. Only the real Ghoul Guy attacks. Before attacking the Ghoul Guy points to the character it will attack.

Unlike Boo Guys, Ghoul Guys can merge with another enemy. The Ghoul Guy is defeated, and the enemy affected has all of its stats increased. This is similar to Peps in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, except experience is preserved.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヒョイホー
Probably from「憑依」(hyōi, possession) and「レイホー」(Reihō, Boo Guy)
French Sombre Maskass Dark Shy Guy
German Ghoul Guy Ghoul Guy
Italian Tipo Ghoul Ghoul Guy
Spanish Fanto Guy Ghost Guy