Love Bubble

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Partners in Time enemy
Love Bubble
Animated idle of a Love Bubble
Location(s) Toad Town, Star Hill, Star Shrine
HP 90
POW 90
Defense 86
Speed 74
Experience 130
Level 22
Coins 10
Item drop Smash Egg – 12%
Max Mushroom – 3%
Battled by Anyone
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese and European versions (if they differ from the original American release).
Sprite piece of a Love Bubble from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time A Love Bubble attacking Luigi.

Love Bubbles are pink spherical creatures with wings and two round feet. They have two "X"s for eyes and a small smile. They are encountered in the Toad Town, Star Hill and Star Shrine in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.

In battle, a Love Bubble has many different attacks to hit the bros. First, a Love Bubble flies high in the air then dive bomb into a Mario brother. Before attacking, however, the Love Bubble lifts one of its feet to indicate which Bro. it will dive bomb. If it lifts up its right foot, the Love Bubble will attack Mario; if left, it will attack Luigi.

Instead of dive bombing, the Love Bubble may attempt to attack both Mario Bros. To do this, it flies in front of the brothers, hovering either low or high. If hovering low, the Love Bubble will attempt to fly into both Mario Bros. Thus, both Mario Bros. must jump one after the other to dodge this attack. However, if the Love Bubble is hovering high in the air, it will fly down into one Bro. then fly back up. If both jump, the second Bro will be hit during the Love Bubble's ascent.

A Love Bubble may turn into a glowing sphere and circle around the Mario Bros. Eventually, the Love Bubble will home in on one Bro. and strike. The player can counter this attack with a Hammer as it circles the Mario Bros. Depending on which Mario Bro. counters, if Luigi hits it, it will be flying upward and eventually crash into the ground. If Mario hits the moving sphere with his hammer, it flies like a baseball and gets back to its battle spot after when going off the screen. This is helpful when fighting the Elder Shrooboid later in the game when it uses its spiked ball attack. In the Japanese and European versions the Love Bubble will always fly up into the air when hit regardless of which bro hit it. The Love Bubble will never use this move when the Bros. are fighting without the Babies.

A Love Bubble's other move is healing other enemies. When its ally is attacked, a Love Bubble heals one-third of the damage inflicted to it.

Love Bubbles appear in three areas (Toad Town, Star Hill and Star Shrine) making them the most encountered enemy in the game.

A stronger version called the Soul Bubble appears later in Shroob Castle.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ライフィ
Diminutive of the English word "life"
French Bulle d'Amour Love Bubble
German Liebesblase Love Bubble
Italian Amorbolla From "amore" (love) and "bolla" (bubble)
Korean 라이피
From the Japanese name
Spanish Burbrosa From "burbuja" (bubble) and "rosa" (pink)