Shroom Shop

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The Shroom Shop

The Shroom Shop is a shop found in Peach's Castle in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Two Toads run this shop. Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi can buy Items, Bros. Items, Badges and Clothing here. More items are added to the inventory as the player progresses through the game, usually after every chapter. The Toad that sells items stays on the left side of the shop, while the Toad that sells Clothing and Badges stays on the right side of the shop. On the floor of the shop, a pattern of Mushrooms appear. On the map, the shop appears in the top right corner with an icon of a Super Mushroom and pants. This is the first shop encountered in the game.

The Shroom Shop opens up after Mario, Luigi, and the babies show their first Cobalt Star shard to Professor E. Gadd. If Mario talks to a Toad outside the shop before then, he says that they are still getting set up.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Negozio Fungo Shroom Shop