Monty Mart

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The bros. at the Monty Mart in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

The Monty Mart is a shop located in the Gritzy Caves in the Nintendo DS game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Two Monty Moles run this shop (selling healing items, Bros. Items, Badges and Clothing) similar to the Toads' shop from Peach's Castle, and Gramma's Place in Toad Town (run by Gramma Red and Gramma Green). However, the Monty Mart only sells common healing items and Bros. Items, such as Mushrooms, Mushroom Drops, 1-Up Mushrooms, Green Shells, Bro. Flowers, etc. The Badges and Clothing the Monty Moles sell are somewhat rare.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Negozio segreto di Tantatalpa
Monty Mole secret shop