Commander Shroob

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Partners in Time enemy
Commander Shroob
Commander Shroob Idle.gif
Location(s) Star Hill
HP 1600 (900)
POW 143 (160)
Defense 114 (100)
Speed 70 (80)
Experience 750
Level 23
Coins 150
Item drop 1-Up Super – 42.5%
Dynamic Badge A – 7.5%
Battled by Everyone
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese and European versions (if they differ from the original American release).

The Commander Shroob is a pink Shroob with a black mustache and a whistle. He is encountered during the events of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. He is the commander of the Shroob occupation forces during their invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The Commander Shroob leading Support Shroobs with a Shroob-omb
The Commander Shroob directing a Shroob-omb into battle.

The battle between the four Mario Bros. and the Commander Shroob takes place on Star Hill. During the confrontation, the Commander Shroob commands his Support Shroobs from behind the scenes, allowing his soldiers to fight the heroes while avoiding personal injury. However, the Mario Bros. are able to send the Shroob-omb rolling backwards. The bomb then explodes, knocking the Commander Shroob into the battlefield.

When forced to battle, the Commander Shroob's primary attack is calling his Support Shroobs into the battlefield and launching them at the Mario Bros. Some are sent twirling on the ground, while others are sent flying in the air. While in the air, if a Support Shroob is rightside-up, it falls on top of the Marios. If it is upside-down, it falls on top of the Luigis. The Support Shroobs can be blocked with swings from the Mario Bros.' hammers. Occasionally, the Commander Shroob approaches the Mario Bros. and shoots them with a ray gun, just like a normal Shroob soldier, but much faster. Like most other Shroobs, the Commander Shroob is weak to the Ice Flower.

Eventually, the Commander Shroob directs three more Support Shroobs and a Shroob-omb into the battlefield to continue the fight while he goes back into hiding. As such, the Mario Bros. have to knock more Shroob-ombs backwards to send the Commander Shroob back into the fray until he is defeated.

Six Commander Shroobs can be seen frozen inside blocks of ice while Mario and Luigi battle the Shroobs in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲドンコリーダー
Gedonko Rīdā
Shroob Leader
French Commandant Xhampi "Xhampi" is the French name of Shroobs. "Commandant" is an active rank used within the French Army and Air Force. It is equivalent to the rank "Major" in the NATO rank code.
German Commander Shroob -
Italian Com. shroob (short for Comandante shroob) Commander shroob
Korean 게돈코대장
Gedonko Daejang
Shroob Leader
Spanish General Shroob -