Egg (Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time)

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Partners in Time enemy
An egg that Sunnycide kept the Yoshis in.
Location(s) Yoob's Belly
HP 29 (30)
Defense 45 (44)
Speed 3
Experience 0
Level 12
Coins 0
Item drop None – 0%
None – 0%
Battled by Everyone
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese and European versions (if they differ from the original American release).

Eggs (also referred to as Yoshi eggs)[1] are objects appearing exclusively in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. These eggs are magenta with lime green spots in appearance, and each one contains a Yoshi.

While exploring Yoob's Belly, the protagonists discover an area where Yoshis are being placed inside eggs. Stuffwell states they must do whatever they can to free them. When Toadbert is encountered shortly thereafter, he reveals that the Yoshis trapped inside the eggs are meant to hatch as monsters, though is prevented from escaping with them due to Sunnycide blocking the only way out.

In the adjacent room, Sunnycide is discovered along with numerous eggs. When Toadbert demands they release them, Sunnycide tosses an egg, striking Toadbert and causing him to knock out Luigi. Just after this, the egg hatches to reveal Baby Bowser.

During battle, Sunnycide keeps five eggs in front of them. As very little damage can be dealt to Sunnycide normally, it is optimal to break the eggs first to free the Yoshis, who knock Sunnycide over with a Chomp Rock, significantly lowering their defense.

Upon defeating the Sunnycide, the group is able to escape with the eggs, which are then brought back to the village by Toadbert. When Yoob apparently stops functioning altogether, Stuffwell deduces that the eggs supplied him with his energy.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマゴ
French Œuf Egg
German Ei Egg
Italian Uovo Egg
Spanish Huevo Egg


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